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Tube Sites To Check For Pirated Content

As cam girls, we all know how important it is to predict our content. It’s disheartening how so many people try and take advantage of our content. They believe that it’s okay to upload and share our shows and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Do you know who’s responsible for this? For the most part, it’s those tube sites out there!

Tubes you say? Yes, the free tube sites are 100% responsible for this.

I’ve done quite a bit of homework and my experience over the years has made it quite easy for me to sniff our tubes that you need to watch out for. That’s exactly what I’m sharing with you today. While you likely cannot eliminate pirated content entirely, you can try and fight it by focusing on things and taking an 80/20 rule approach.

Some tubes are known for being what I refer to as “pirate punks” and I’m officially calling them out here today. Here’s who you need to worry most about when it comes to stolen cam show content.

Porn Tube Sites To Check For Stolen Content

Tube Sites To Check For Your Stolen Content

Again, this is not the full list, but just those that I would focus my efforts on removing the content. I came up with this list based on a couple of things.

The first was popularity, the second was traffic, the third was stolen content and the fourth was the ability to profit from the site.

But before I get into that let me explain why people steal your content. This is really simple, they’re looking to earn a profit via serving ads. The more content they have on their site, the more likely users are to surf the website.

So, they’re sacrificing you and your earnings for their own. Now that we know what and why they are doing this, here’s what you need to be on the lookout for.


What should you worry about with Pornhub? Well, to be quite honest, has been known for allowing pirated content to exist on their site for years.

They recently got in big trouble with Visa and Mastercard for allowing content that might be deemed as illegal. That said, you’re going to want to keep a close eye on this company and the content that they publish.


The website is full of illegal content. I’m talking thousands of videos. You will want to check this tube site daily if you can.

This will definitely be a site you want to keep your eye on. Trust me, they can let things slip through the cracks at times.


This is probably the biggest porn tube site on the web. It’s literally ranked #5 or something like that in terms of traffic overall on the Internet.

That might not mean much to you, but trust me, they are massive. Now, being massive might mean you can get in front of a lot of consumers, but pirates and uploaders looking to profit on your content is all over the place here. Keep a close eye on things.


The person that runs doesn’t typically post cam girl content, but at times it does show up here. Knowing that they’ve broken the rules from time to time gives me enough reason to want to check them out for my content. You should do the same as well.


Okay, so nothing good comes out of having your content on Porntrex. In fact, once it’s on the site, it can be a real bitch to get anything down.

They are pirates through and through. You will have a hell of a time removing content because of the location. Nevertheless, you should know about it and be on the lookout for things.


The Motherless tube site has been called out by many companies for hosting pirated content. Keep a close eye on this site and if you find any content of yours you can report it to them as well as Google.

How To Check For Your Content

So, there are a few ways to check for your content on these sites. You can start by going to each site and typing your name into the search bars of the site. Any content that exists that deliberately displays you and your content will pop up right away.

Another way you can check is using search engines by doing the following search:

“ your name”

For example, searching pornhub for Viking Barbie, a famous Instagram model, will look like this. It’s a rinse and repeat approach per site to find the content that’s yours.

Searching For Your Content

Conclusion: Keep An Eye On Tube Sites

If you value your content and the way you earn a living, then you should take this seriously. I’ve sent DMCAs to all the tube sites listed above, and most of the time that’s all that is needed. Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out for more info. If you come across a tube site I missed, please send me the name to look into it!

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Getting The Right Look For Cam Shows

There’s a misconception that models in general need to be perfect or flawless looking. This couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it is important that you have the right look for your shows. Today, I’ll be covering what I believe to be the most important things to consider with regards to looks for your cam shows. ​

Don’t get nervous or scared, trust me, you can do this no matter what you look like. Sure, looks do matter, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder…right?!

Getting The Cam Girl Look

Getting The Right Model Look: Easy Tips For Cam Girls

When you think of a model, you probably picture women who are tall, thin, with long flowing hair, perfect skin, perfect teeth, perfect everything! The good thing about being a cam model is that you don’t have to live up to those impossible standards in order to be successful. Trust me, I am not super tall nor do I look like a runway model.

Cam models come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. No matter what you look like, there will be plenty of guys who are into you. But with that said, your appearance is still an important part of your job. If you feel confident, it’ll show through in your cam shows. You’ll be much more successful if you feel good about yourself.

Be Comfortable

You should always do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you like to grow out your pubic hair, then grow it out. Don’t let a fuckboy or a troll come into your room and pressure you to shave it. Whatever makes you feel the best about yourself, is exactly what you should do. It is important to look put together.

Brush and style your hair before getting on cam. There may be a day here and there where you don’t have the time to make your look complete, but the majority of the time you should look neat. Your fans don’t want to see you looking like a hot mess. 😛

Makeup Makes Things Better

Camming makeup is different than everyday makeup. It can be much more fun! You don’t want to overdo it, but you really can play around with bold looks on cam and still not look ridiculous.

If it’s your first time on cam or if you want to experiment with a look, put your makeup on while watching yourself on cam.

Don’t actually stream your cam, but just have it run on your computer so you can see what different looks will look like. You’ll often find that you look different on cam then you do in real life.

Makeup that might make you look like a cheap hooker (more covered in the Q&A page on that topic), could look really pretty, bold, and interesting on cam.

Video Tutorial

I suggest checking out this video tutorial if you’re looking for some more specific tips for creating your look via makeup application.

Try Things But Do What Works

You’re of course free to change up your look at any time, but most models will find a look that works for them and stick to it.

You might throw some of your fans off if you start camming with black hair, thick black eyeliner, dark red lipstick, and pale skin and then show up on cam the next day with bleach blonde hair and a spray tan.

You have to remember that your fans first started watching you because they liked your look. When they’re browsing through models, that’s the first thing that they notice… your look, not your personality.

Your great personality is of course what makes them stick around, but they were originally drawn to you because they liked your style.

Body Maintenance

Maintaining your body hair is also important. Although some cam models choose to skip shaving and grow everything out, most at least keep their legs and underarms smooth.

It can definitely feel like a chore sometimes, but it’s something you really should maintain. It’s completely up to you which method of hair removal you choose: shaving, waxing, or laser hair removal.

All have their pros and cons. Shaving can be tedious and you may end up with irritated skin or red bumps from ingrown hairs. Waxing can be painful and may also irritate your skin, making it look red or blotchy.

Laser hair removal can also be painful if you have sensitive skin. The treatments can also add up, and sometimes not work for your hair type. Find a method that works for you and take your time with it so you don’t end up irritating your skin.

Conclusion: Get The Look, Then Get Paid More

If you’re looking to get paid and get these cam whales off, then you need to get the look down. Use these tips that I’ve provided above and trust me, you will earn big money. Take your look, style, and physical appearance seriously and you’ll for sure prosper as a model.

Pro tip: Add the makeup to your Amazon Wishlist and you can easily get consumers to buy the makeup for you! Probably the best takeaway from this entire article!

Selling Webcam Content: Tips On How To Sell More!

As a cam model,  you’ve got a few really important roles and duties. Selling cam shows and getting consumers to consume your content is for sure the most important. However, so many models seem to have a tough time selling. Many of them just don’t know where to sell. In fact, many of them do not know where to start. That ends today! After reading this article, you should be able to confidently sell more private shows, premium media, and even tangible goods. You just need to know where to go. Time to learn…

Selling Webcam Content

Where To Sell Your Webcam Content

Before we even get started, I’d like to congratulate you on mastering the art of filming your first clip. In fact, take a second to just take that hand, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for being a master of the universe.

Now that the hard part is over of filming and editing your clip, it’s time to answer the million-dollar question.

Where the F*&!$ Do I sell them?

There are going to be a lot of sites that will pop up in your peripherals, and it can be hard to figure out which site to choose. My best advice to you? Try them all out. Worst case, you don’t do well on all the sites, but you find one that works and that you like using.

Best case? You sell a million clips, become an overnight sensation, and can go sailing through Ibiza while collecting your hundreds of thousands in passive income. Now, if you’re not trying to sell media at Camsoda, then you’re failing as a model – simple as that.

They’re Not Equals

Keep in mind while reading this that not all clip sites are created equal. Should I say it again? Not. All. Clip sites. Are. Created. Equal. (Just wanted to make sure that you really understand this before you upload all your clips and wonder why they aren’t selling.)

There will be times where one of your clips is selling phenomenally but another one tanks. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad clip. It just means that sites traffic leans towards one type of style over another.

(Side Note: Please make sure to always read everything including the contracts and the TOS before signing up to any website. It is SO important to protect yourself and your content.)

guy handing out money

Selling Clips

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to note that you can and should sell your clips while you’re online. I highly recommend this because it’s easy and it’s extra money. If you decide to sell this way, you’re going to need a good hosting site. Right out of the gate, I’m going to let you know that most video hosting sites are not adult-friendly, so always make sure you’re reading the Terms of Service before signing up.


A free hosting site for your videos is ProjectMaenad. It is in beta, but works wonderfully and is run by a former cam model. You can create links to send out clips, make them password-protected, limited/number of downloads, and you can also create a public profile page for yourself. It’s easy to use, and support is very helpful and efficient.

At the moment, ProjectMaenad is not able to process payments, so if you use this site make sure you have an alternate payment option available. It’s also important to note that this site does not have its own traffic, so if you’re using it to sell videos you will have to market, market, market.

As far as actual “stores” you can sell your videos in, I’m going to be focusing on the two main sites that are well known, have a great reputation, and have the ability to make you a nice chunk of passive income if you work it right.

The two sites that, in my opinion, are the most well known are: and Clips4Sale


Let’s start with Manyvids. That’s the site that I use, and I love it. It’s completely free to sign up and is so user-friendly. Literally, all you need to do is go to their site and there will be a button that asks you if you’d like to sign up to be “An MV Girl.” (The answer is YESSS! Do it!)

One of the coolest aspects of ManyVids is that they run a continuous contest for the top 20 MV Girls every month. Basically, if you’re in the top 20 of sales, then you get a bonus. First place takes home $1200! They also run special contests for Valentine’s Day, etc. that are a fun way to get guys voting for you and promote your store at the same time.

Manyvids is definitely more of a social platform than some of the other clip sites that you will run into. In my experience, the more that you interact with the members and the other models, the better you will do. That means such things as; liking profiles, leaving comments, messaging back and forth with the guys. Treat it like social media and start building those bridges, baby.

Skype, Snapchat & Tangibles

Along with uploading and selling videos, you can also sell Skype Shows, Snapchat/KIK, Custom Videos, and create an entire storefront of tangible goods. (Bras, Panties, “pay for my dinner”.. you get the idea.)

The Payout percentage is 60/40, with you taking home the 60%, and they payout twice a month on the 1st and the 16th.


Now onto Clips4Sale. I don’t have much personal experience with Clips4sale, so for research purposes as well as keeping my honor in tact while I dish out this advice, I’m going to sign up for the site right now and we can learn together.

It seems, from other model experiences, that this site does extremely well with fetish clips. If you take a look at the studios and what they offer, there is everything from sneezing clips to brushing your hair. (Thank God we all have a reason to keep the camera running now. Sick doesn’t mean NO pay! Holla’!)

Clips4Sale differs from Manyvids, in the fact that it gives you the ability to upload clips in multiple ways which maximizes the number of views that it will receive. You can have a Clip Store, DVD Store, Image Store, and a Membership Site all under the same name. In order to start uploading you will need to have 10 clips, and for images, you will need to have 5 zip files with 20 images minimum in each.

One cool feature is that they have an email list, where you can add customers who would like to be on it and blast them with mass emails. Seems like this would be a great way to get independent shows, custom vids or let them know about upcoming things and generate sales.

The Payout Percentage is 60/40 or 75/25 depending on what type of store it is, and payouts are sent on the 7th of each month for the month prior. Both ManyVids and Clips4Sale have their own traffic, which is a HUGE plus. Add that to the traffic you can bring if you market it correctly across your social media and you’ll be sailing in Ibiza in no time. (Ibiza trip not guaranteed, results may vary.) Are you interested in selling more tangible goods? like panties etc? That’s always a great additional revenue stream.

How To Become A Phone Sex Operator

Cam girls often take on many other jobs as alternative income streams. One of those jobs is a phone sex operator. Is this common? You better believe it! In fact, some models are actually more successful as phone sex operators than they are streaming live. If you’re interested in chatting with consumers to make some cold hard cash fast, then keep reading. I’ve covered all the ins and outs of this below. Oh, full disclosure, I too am earning good money weekly from calls with consumers.

phone sex operator advice

How To Become A Phone Sex Operator

Anyone who’s interested in making money should be interested in becoming a phone sex operator. These are the people that you call when you’re in the mood for some live, one on one action.

The real draw of it for most people is that it’s only your voice that has to have its game on. It’s not like camming where you have to show your entire body to the audience.

It’s all about what you say and how you say it. It can take some of the worries out of ending up naked online forever and you don’t even have to get dressed (or undressed) for it.

Phone Sex Operator Jobs: What You Need To Get Started

You really don’t need a whole lot to get yourself started in the phone sex world. In fact, you don’t even need a certain set of genitals. Phone sex is open to men, women, and everything in between. The only things you’ll need are identification and a phone, that’s it.

You need an ID to prove your age before you can start talking to people. There isn’t a single company out there that wants to get in trouble for having underage models on their phone lines. It has to be government-issued and it has to have your birth date and a picture on it.

Once you choose the company that’s right for you, it will be kept on file with them. Other than that, you really just need a good reception for your phone. If you don’t get great service indoors, then there are a few different signal boosters out there that you can try.

You want your calls to be crystal clear and you never want them to drop out. Getting all of that squared away is your first step.

How Much Money You Can Make

There’s really no one answer to how much money you can pull in from being a phone sex operator. There are many different types of phone sex to be had and how much your chosen company is going to pay you for them.

The first way to make money is simply by talking. This is where you’re usually going to be making the most money. Talking on the phone is going to make you money by the minute.

The longer you talk, the more you make. It doesn’t really matter what you’re talking about. If someone is on the line with you, you’re making money.

The next form of income comes from texting. I know what you’re thinking, how can it be more lucrative than posting as a model on Reddit, but I promise you it most definitely is! More and more phone sex companies are offering texting options now. They’re the easiest thing to do, but they’re also the least lucrative. You’re only getting paid by the message here.

If you’re talking to someone on and off for several hours, but only sending a few messages then you’re not going to be making enough money to make it worth your while. Most women who do this are only doing it when they’re not camming or talking on the phone and not as a primary source of income.

Finally, We Get To Talk About Subscriptions…

These are a great way to make money with your phone. There are lots of different services that you can get involved with. People pay you a monthly subscription fee and you give them photos or videos in return.

You can do it at your own pace, but the more you send out, the more subscribers you can get. It’s a great option because you can’t have a bad day. You know how much money you can expect and all you have to do is keep up your end of the bargain.

How To Start

The steps to getting yourself going here are pretty much always the same. You can sign up for a hundred different platforms or you can sign up for one. The steps you have to take to get going are going to be the same.

Choose a name – Your first order of business is to choose your name. You don’t want to use your real name and you don’t want to use something that sounds like a screen name. Just think about it from the callers’ perspective.

They’re not going to want to call someone that they have to address as BootyBl4tsr30569. It’s not sexy at all. What you want to do is think in the way of stripper names. Something like Susie, Amber, or Vixen is going to be much easier for them to swallow.

ID and phone – Now that you have your name chosen, it’s time to work on your ID and your phone. Create an account on the site of your choice and upload your identification.

It’s usually going to take a few days for you to get approved from here. Once that’s done and you know your phone is up to the challenge, it’s time to move on.

Create a profile – Now that you’re on the site, you want to create your profile. This is where you want to put in a lot of effort. Men and women are going to be choosing to pay you based on your profile. It has to be good and it has to be alluring.

Make sure you let them know everything that you’re willing to do. Give them a reason to call you instead of the other girls that they see. Make it inviting and upload a sexy photo to go along with it. It’s the first thing people see and you want it to make an impression.

I also encourage you to share the news of these services with your fan club if you have one. If you don’t have one, then you should start one immediately! I know more things to do…

Start playing – After that, you’re off and running. Now it’s just a matter of actually having the phone sex that you’ve signed up to provide. It’s’ going to be awkward and embarrassing at first, but just stick with it.

Having phone sex with a total stranger is nothing like having phone sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s not intimate and it’s not for your enjoyment. It’s a job for you and what the buyer wants is all that matters. Follow their cues and you’ll be well on your way.

Phone Sexting Companies & Jobs

What about phone sexting? Is this an option as well? You bet your ass it’s an option! There are TONS of phone sexting companies out there that will help you learn and then eventually earn. You need to know that it’s in their best interest to profit here as well.

Conclusion: Make Money As A Phone Sex Operator

See, getting started in the phone sex world is pretty easy. Perhaps even too easy. However, it’s one thing that you should definitely think about doing sooner rather than later. You can expect to make thousands of dollars if you’re a dirty talking pro with an attractive voice. Don’t waste your talent, go for it!

Pornhub Support: How To Remove Your Content

If you’re camming, then there’s a chance that you’re going to have to deal with content removal and DMCA from time to time. It’s something that’s often unavoidable. The good news is that removing your content from Pornhub is easy now, especially if you’re a model. Today, I’m going to be sharing the steps that you need to take in order to accomplish the task of removing stolen content from Pornhub.

how to remove content pornhub support

How To Remove Your Content From Pornhub

The worst thing that you can do before you start camming is to think that what you do live is going to disappear as soon as you stop doing it. It just doesn’t work that way. What happens on the internet is going to stay on the internet forever.

It doesn’t matter how buttoned-up your cam sessions happen to be. The chances are extremely high that they’re going to end up on a porn site like Pornhub. There’s always going to be someone recording and there’s always going to be someone downloading your videos and sharing them.

The effect that these videos can have in your other life will be life-changing. Just think about someone in your circle secretly telling them that a friend of theirs sent them a video of you naked and masturbating on your cam. Just think of how embarrassing that would be and realize that it’s extremely likely to happen.

The only option you have is to prepare yourself against its eventuality. The bigger problem here is that you’re not making any money off of it. If you’re the one posting the videos and getting paid for them, that’s one thing. Someone else making money off of you is entirely another.

Now what’s important to know is that you can remove these videos very easily and I’m going to tell you how today. With the help from Pornhub support, you can have these clips offline in a matter of seconds.

Pornhub support remove content

Don’t Cam If You Want To Work In Public

The easiest way to stop all of this from happening is to simply not cam. If you’re planning on running for office or working with children, then maybe camming isn’t for you. Just think about a stripper who wants to teach kindergarten. Being a stripper isn’t wrong. Giving lap dances isn’t wrong.

On the flip side, an administrator who works in the school system isn’t wrong for visiting a strip club. He or she certainly isn’t wrong for buying a lap dance. Now just imagine that administrator visiting the same strip club that the stripper who wants to be a kindergarten teacher is working at.

This person pays for a lap dance from this woman and a good time is had by all. Now fast forward to a week or a month later when that same stripper walks into the administrator’s office to apply for a job teaching kindergarten. Do you think she has any shot in hell of being hired? Of course, she doesn’t.

Sorry, but that is just how society functions. It doesn’t matter how qualified for a job you happen to be. If someone can find you on Pornhub, then you’re not getting hired and it’s really that simple.

Keep Your Camming Safe

Of course, if you just want to protect your work and make sure that you’re the one getting paid for it, there are people who can help you. There’s a company out there called Cam Model Protection. They work with all the big camming sites like Chaturbate, Cam Soda, and MFC. Then there’s Takedown Piracy as well as Digiregs and a few other services you can connect with for this.

They also help you out with content sites like Only Fans, Patreon, and a few others. They have three different levels of protection and it’s based on your needs. They’re not cheap, but they’re not too expensive to afford at some point. They can look for your content on sites across the internet and make sure that it gets taken down as soon as they find it.

What you should do is figure out how much money you’re losing to piracy. If that amount is more than the cost of the protection, go for it. You can post your own content afterward and make the difference. It’s definitely something to look into if you find that someone is stealing your work.

Realize What Will Happen

Talking about losing jobs and your family seeing you touch yourself isn’t meant to scare you away from camming. It’s just there to make sure you realize that it might happen to you. Just be ready for it. No matter how much protection you buy, there’s always going to be something with your naked body on it out there.

Consider your future and consider the people that you know in your life. If you’re okay with the repercussions of these things being affected by your camming session, then go for it. Knowing that you’re safe from negative side effects is the best protection that a cam girl can have.

Conclusion: Be Vigilant, But Expect Piracy

You must be vigilant here with regards to this stuff, but you also need to realize that it’s more than likely going to happen from time to time. That’s just the life that we live, sorry. Now, trust me, the money outweighs the headache of dealing with these things so keep on camming!

Simple Tips For Overcoming Slow Cam Days

This is not going to sound exciting, but it’s the truth nonetheless. Slow days do exist for cam models. There are thousands of webcam models out there dealing with lull periods and a few have contacted me via my site to get more info on this. They want to know if this is the norm and if they’re doomed. Before you give up, understand that you’re not the only one! Slow days are a real thing, but they are able to overcome. Here’s what you need to know…

Slow Cam Days

How To Overcome Slow Cam Days

Everyone has slow cam days and they’re a huge pain. No one ever wants to log onto their cam to just sit there by themselves. Camming relies on people watching and interacting with you. Being able to cam as a job relies on making money. Both of those things need people around to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter how much work or effort you put into getting people into your room. You’re still going to have slow days that will make you question whether or not camming is really for you after all. When those slow days come, you just have to suffer through it and make every single viewer that you have count.

There are a few different traps that you can fall into when it’s slow in your room and they need to be avoided at all costs. No matter how slow it is, there are still going to be a few people filing in and out of your room.

Just because they’re not paying you for your time now doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future. If they come across you when you’re at your worst on a slow day then they may not want to come back when you’re at your best on a good day.

Fake It…Literally

The very first thing that you have to do is pretend that you’re having a good time. It’s not that easy, but it’s still possible. When the room is totally empty except for one or two beggars, just make the most out of it. Keep a smile on your face and pretend that you’re enjoying yourself.

No one wants to spend any time in a room with a girl who clearly wants to be in other places. You have to pretend that every single day is a good one. Talk and interact with people. Make jokes. Do your best to show them that you’re worth their time.

You can’t just think about the money that you’re not earning on a specific day. You have to think about the potential money that you could be making in the future. If someone drops in to check you out and they like what you’re offering, they may just be back later to buy your time.

They could also be the only people who tip you on that entire slow day. Just put on a smile and be the cam girl that you want to be.

Stay Off Your Phone

While you’re on cam for your slow day, stay the hell off your phone. No one in their right mind wants to be in a room with someone who’s ignoring them to talk to someone else who’s not trying to decide whether or not to give her money.

It doesn’t matter how slow things get. Taking out your phone and ignoring the few viewers that you have is showing them how much contempt you have for them and their money. They have plenty of other people that they could be spending it on.

Simply ignoring the people who aren’t paying you is going to get you a very bad reputation, very quickly. It doesn’t matter how few people there are in your room. Interact with them and have a good time with them.

Nudity and sex acts should cost money, not getting to know you or talk to you. You’re not being paid by the number of words you speak. Be reasonable about your interactions and it will pay off in the end. Your personality gets them into your room and your body gets their money from them.

Set Minimum Hours

As soon as those slow days hit, you’re going to want to get off your cam as quickly as you can. There are more than enough other things that you could be doing with your time. If you’re not making money then there are always dishes to wash and floors to clean.

The temptation to log off is going to be great, but it’s in your best interests to ignore it. Just set a certain number of hours that you absolutely have to be on your cam. Once those hours are up, you can log off, but not before that. You never know when the rush is going to hit.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you stopped camming right before the money started flowing for all of the other girls. Just put in your time and never make any excuses to stop. Trying to find ways to fill that time with your small number of viewers is what’s going to define you on the cam site.

Find a way to battle through and your true personality will be able to shine. That’s what the people are really after at the end of the day. Just put in the work and you’ll be rewarded.

Be Cute Instead Of Sexual

The best way to fill those hours when no one is tipping is to simply be cute and not sexual. Sexual is what you are when the tips are flowing. If they’re not then you have to turn it off. Switch your strategy and just be as cute as you can possibly be.

That means wearing cute clothes and talking about cute things. You never want to sit there on a slow day and just complain about everything. That’s going to keep the viewers away. If you’re being cute then you might just get people to pay you for it.

Make fun of yourself and be a dork. That’s what people love because it’s approachable and attainable. Just think of yourself as Pam from the office. She may be buttoned up, but she’s off the cuteness scale.

People would fall over themselves to set off her interactive sex toys if they saw her sitting at her desk and just being herself. You have to be Pam in these situations and it will pay off for you. Naturally, interactive sex toys are a huge plus if you have them.


You’ve got plenty of time to make money and don’t let the slow days scare you or cause you to avoid joining a cam platform today. There is a way to make money here and be a successful model. In fact, there are more ways than one. Just stay positive and do as I’ve suggested above and you’ll prosper!

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Cam Model Profile Image Advice For Everyone

Your profile and image are super important to your success. Yes, I said super important because it’s that important! This article will cover everything I have learned about images and your profile in general. Having spent tons of time chatting with cam users, I can give you all the tips and pointers that I’ve learned over the years. It’s safe to say that I’ve optimized my profile via my image over the years and I know what works and doesn’t work!

cam profile image tips

My Detailed Webcam Model Profile Image Tips For Success

A model’s profile is one of the most important things about her. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the biggest pains about camming. Most girls just want to get out there and make money with their bodies and that’s more than understandable.

The problem is that you need to entice people into your cam room before you can take off your clothes for them. No, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You’d think that offering your naked body to people would be more than enough to get them into your room. Think about it from their perspective, though.

They have thousands of options to choose from. No cam site user can even get through the homepage without seeing at least a few dozen naked women. They can give their money to any of them that they want. The thing you have to realize is that it’s not all about the naked boobies.

Viewers want to know what they can do with you once they start paying you. They want to know what you’re offering them. If a viewer wants a girl with interactive sex toys and paddles, he or she isn’t going to waste their time on a girl with neither. That’s why they’re always going to check out your profile first.

Be Reasonable With It

When you sit down to make yours, spend a few minutes deciding on how active you want to be with it. You can really put anything you want there, so make sure you figure it all out before you commit yourself. If you don’t want to force yourself to update it every single day, stay away from information that you have to change.

This can be your camming times, the outfit you’re planning on wearing, or even your thoughts for the day. If you can work out a regular schedule then you might want to be a little forgiving with it when you post it. Don’t promise to be on during certain hours every single day when you know you won’t be able to make it.

Just say that you’re usually on from around this time to that time on these days. That’s going to keep you from having to constantly change it and it’s going to keep your viewers from being there and getting upset when you’re not around for them. Just speak generally and you’ll never let anyone down.

Tell Them What You Have To Offer

If your hours are pretty important, then letting people know what you have to offer them is super important. This is what’s going to drive them to your room and it’s tricky to lay it all out via text. Naturally, what you do on your cam is up to you, but you still have to advertise it.

First up on this list is whether or not you offer tip menus. If you do, show it all right on your profile. Make sure you update it if you ever change it. This is the one thing that should be as accurate as you can make it. The next thing to add is if you have interactive sex toys. These things are highly sought after by the users, so if you have them, make sure you advertise them.

You should also list your settings for them. Tell them exactly how long and at what intensity each tip is going to mean for the toys. Each viewer has his or her own preferences and they’re going to make sure that anyone they watch matches them as closely as possible. It’s how you get them into your room and not someone else’s.

Jazz It Up

After you figure out all that, you may want to consider making your profile nice and flashy. That might require a little bit of know-how. Most cam sites let you use HTML in your profile. If yours does then you really want to consider using it.

It doesn’t have to be anything too intense. Learning a little bit of it will go a long way here. Just figure out how to post links, lists, and how to make text bold. That’s going to make you stand out a little bit and that’s really the name of the game here.

Use Photoshop

The thing about Photoshop is that it’s super expensive. Actually getting the newest version of it can run you almost $1,000, and that’s not even taking their ridiculous monthly options into consideration. Still, if you put in enough effort, you can find older versions of it for free.

If you don’t want to go that route, you can always try to find one of the many online equivalents. Then you can start making a great image to put in place of text on your profile. Just spend some time checking out the profiles that the other girls put up.

There are a large number of them that simply have a giant Photoshopped image with all of their information on it. It’s flashy and it draws the eye. If you can get something like that, and make it unique to you, you’ll always have people checking you out.

Link To Your Side Hustles

Once again, and just like everything else, what you offer on the side of your cam sessions is up to you. There’s really no limit to the ways that you can use your body to make you money. Some cam girls like to sell their worn panties.

Others sell their used sex toys. Some of them even sell their clothes after they’ve been stained with bodily fluids. What you sell is up to you, but make sure that you always link to it on your profile.

The viewers who really like you are always going to want more of you. If you have it all linked and listed on your profile, they’ll be able to exchange money for it, whether or not you’re online. It’s one of the best uses of your profile and will keep the money flowing in.

Conclusion: Put Time Into Your Image

Look, the bottom line is quite simple. You need to care about your image. This is what makes or breaks your success in the adult camming world. Put in your work and make bread, like me. I promise you will be successful. If you have any issues, just reach out to me and I’ll gladly help!

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Kik Webcam Advice For Models

Today I’m covering all things Kik-related and whether or not people are making money on this platform. If you’re a cam girl, then you’ll want to read this closely. The Kik app just might help you make a ton of money!

Kik App Webcams

Kik Camming Advice For Girls

Whether you’re a cam girl, a phone sex operator, or even someone who sells your own porn videos, you’re probably looking for more ways to make money directly from your clients.

Sexting and selling photos and videos are always a great idea, but you have to know the best way to go about it. No one wants to simply hand out their phone number so people can receive their work.

It opens up a massive world of identity theft and stalking. That’s why the best way to directly interact with people is on Kik. It’s easy to use and you can set it up so you bring in money by the month.

Getting Started

All it takes to get yourself started is to download the app and create an account. You can use an e-mail address or a phone number.

Even though the app goes out of its way to keep your information private, using an e-mail address is still the safest bet. You never know when a data breach might happen.

If they don’t have your actual phone number then you never have anything to worry about. Once you’re up and running, you can interact directly with your clients.

Sign Up For Premium Subscription Sites

Now it’s time to make sure you can make money from your Kik account without having to worry about it. The easiest way is to simply sign up for a premium membership service.

There are a lot of them out there and you don’t really have to do anything. You’ll be able to direct your clients right to them so they can sign up for themselves.

Then the service worries about collecting your monthly fees while keeping a small percentage of it for themselves. Now all you have to do is send out your messages.

Kik And Fetish

Just because of the way that it’s designed, Kik is a great way to sell your femdom services to men and women. They can sign up through your service provider and you can use your app to send them daily or weekly tasks to carry out for you.

It’s easy and it keeps them actively interested in all of the things that you have for them. You can also use it to reward them with your images and videos for carrying out your tasks to add a whole new dimension to what you have to offer them.

Kik And Sexting

Of course, at its base, Kik is just great for sexting. It can be a service that you offer while you’re not on your cam or you can use it while you’re live on cam.

Subscribers will be able to contact you directly while you’re in your cam session to make them feel like they’re standing out from the pack in the chat room.

It’s something that lots of viewers are interested in doing and there’s never going to be any lack of new people who are willing to sign up for it once they see how much attention it gets them.

Advertise It

Now that you have your Kik all setup and your viewers know how much they love it, you can start advertising it on your cam account. Just make sure that they allow it.

Not all platforms allow you to advertise any outside media. It just takes some focus away from them and they never really know what you’re selling. As long as you can advertise it, do it at every single opportunity that you get.

Paste links in your profile and advertise the services in your chat room. The more people who sign up for it, the more people you’ll have in your room talking about it. If you have a Kik client in your chat room while you’re online, tell them that you just sent something to them on Kik in the public chat room.

It will make everyone else in the room want it for themselves. It’s all about advertising and the more you do it, the more money you’ll make. There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing exactly how much money you’re going to be making in a month because it’s all coming to you through paid subscriptions.

Conclusion: Make Money On Kik

There’s plenty of opportunities to make money here but you must make sure you’re doing it right. Be sure to consider everything I’ve mentioned above and you’ll likely win big.

SPH Webcam Advice: How To Run Small Penis Humiliation Shows

Having spent tons of hours performing for SPH fetish fans, I know all about small penis humiliation and camming. Here in this article below I basically share all that I know about doing these shows and how you can truly profit big time by doing so.

SPH cam show advice

My Advice For Cashing In On SPH Cams aka Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation, or SPH, is a very common fetish among submissive men. They’ve spent their entire lives knowing that they’re small, and even been humiliated for it in the past. It weighs so much on their minds that it turns into a fetish for them.

When something like this is all-encompassing and part of everything you do, it’s not strange for the person to start needing it in order to achieve erection or orgasm. That’s how a fetish works and using SPH in your shows is a great way to keep your customers coming.

Be Confident In Everything

Men seeking out SPH as a fetish aren’t very likely to want it from just anyone. They want it from a femdom who can take control of them and order them around.

It makes them feel small and that’s really what they’re after. If it’s something that you want to offer then you have to be confident in everything that you do.

No sexually dominant woman in this position is ever going to question herself or her actions. She’s also never going to ask for feedback. Just decide what you want them to do and stick with it.

SPH Cams

Insult Them All The Time

These men who are after humiliation want it to be as verbal as possible. That means that you have to be mean and insult them. Call them worthless every chance you get. Call them pathetic.

Laugh at them and make them feel small and miserable. That’s what they’re after and it’s what they’re paying for.

It’s what you have to give them if you really want to keep them coming back for more. The more you humiliated them, the more they’re going to want it and that’s how it should work out with everyone.

Use Objects In Cam 2 Cam

One of your best tools in SPH is Cam 2 Cam. If your viewer is willing to pay for you to watch them, use it to your advantage. Have them compare their penises to small objects, like tiny batteries or pencils.

Make them hold them next to their penises and tell them how much bigger and more satisfying the tiny object must be.

It also works great if you have the same kind of object with you. You can hold it up to show them just how small it is when you try to use it.

SPH For Big Penises

One thing that you’re likely to come across are men who want to enjoy SPH, even though they have large penises. You can still do some of the same things, but you have to keep the illusion going.

That means that comparing them to small objects is out. If they can clearly see that they’re much bigger than it, they’re not getting what they need. It’s best to find some other way to humiliate them. Insult the shape of the penis and call it disgusting.

If it’s long but thin, focus on the thinness. If it’s thick but short, focus on the length. The main goal is just to find a way to let them know that what they have could never satisfy a goddess like you.

How To Increase Cam Score & Profile Visibility

There are ways to increase or improve your visibility aka reach on cam sites. It has a lot to do with your cam score. In this article, I cover all the things you need to know if you want to improve your reach and overall score as well as visibility. Let this article serve as a baseline for growing your visibility to become a popular cam model.

Increase your cam score and visibility

Tips For Increasing Your Cam Score

Most camming guides focus on the same few points over and over again. They tell you how to interact with your viewers, how to manage your tips, what to offer on your cam and things like that. Those are all major aspects of your cam sessions that you have to think about, but they’re not the only ones. One of the biggest problems that new cam girls can have is getting their visibility up.

It’s a struggle that you have to deal with from the very first second that you decide to start camming all of the way until you decide that it’s time to hang up your sex toys. Increasing visibility isn’t just about getting people into your room. It’s about being seen on the cam site that you’re using so you have as many potential viewers as you can possibly get.

Any time someone logs into their cam site of choice, they have to find someone who looks interesting enough to spend money on. If they’re like the vast majority of users out there, that means they’re going to be choosing from the first 25 or so cam models that the site decides to show them. The trick of it all is making sure that you’re one of those 25.

Understanding Your Cam Score

All sites use a cam score. They may not call it that, but it always works the same. You get yours attached to you every single time you log into your cam. It will change the entire time you’re online and decide where you show up on the site’s main page.

How it works is pretty convoluted and no one ever really explains how they work it out. Basically, it always depends on the amount of time you’re broadcasting and the amount of tokens or credits you’re taking in. This, in turn, tells the site where to put you in order of your overall score. Let’s say that you’re online for ten minutes.

If you somehow manage to get 1,000 tokens in this time, your score is probably going to be pretty high and you’ll be near the top of the list. If you’re broadcasting for twelve hours and only have three tokens to show for it, you’re going to be very low.

That means that, in order for anyone to find you, they’ll have to scroll through page after page of model to get to you and decide that you’re worth their money. Keep in mind that this is an extreme oversimplification of the way that the cam score works.

No site ever tells you how they’re reaching their own specific numbers. There are still some things you can do to make sure you end up at the top of the list, instead of at the bottom.

Start Out Naked

This is a trick that can’t be overlooked. It’s something that can rocket you right to the top of the cam score listings. The only things that viewers have to go on is your thumbnail when they scroll past you. Seeing a girl who’s already naked, and very obviously so, it going to make them flock to your room.

It’s telling them that you’re already in the middle of some action and they can just slip right into it. They don’t have to wait for your goals to get hit to see what you have underneath your clothes for them. It will help you to get a large group of regulars that are always on the lookout for you.

If you want to save your nudity for later on in your sessions, do it after you get those regulars pouring in.  to start just log on naked and it’s going to drive your traffic.

Offline Content

The one thing you should know above all others is that offline tips count just as much as online tips. They have the power to change your cam score overnight. Just think about it: if you cam for five hours and make a certain amount of tokens, you’re getting one cam score when you log off.

Now consider offline content. These are videos that people have to spend money on to see. If you have a good amount of them, and they’re selling, all of those tokens you’re making will affect your cam score. You’re still recorded as only having been broadcasting for five hours, but now your tokens have exploded without you having to do a single thing.

It’s a surefire way of manipulating the algorithm in your favor and it’s completely allowed. All you need to do is post some videos for people to buy when you’re offline and you’ll be rising through the ranks when you’re sleeping, eating, shopping, or anything else instead of always being actively online and camming for your viewers.

Interactive Sex Toys

Finally, if you want to be anyone in the cam world, you have to use interactive sex toys. These are a must. If you don’t have them, you’re never going to be as popular as the girls that do. You’re also never going to make as much money as they do.

You really need them to be successful in camming, no matter what your niche happens to be. These are toys that your viewers can set off with their tips. You have dozens of them to choose from and they all do something different.

Once you set them up, viewers will be able to pay you to see your reactions to them. There are toys that you insert, toys that go on the outside, even toys that are overdesigned pistons with dildos on the end of them.

Using these it going to drive tips and bring you right to the forefront of the cam score. Get them as early in your camming career as you possibly can and always have them on. It’s what you need to get in front of the eyes that belong to the people who want to give you money and there’s really no way around it. Interactive sex toys are your best friends.


If you do all these things suggested, I promise that you will for sure see a jump in rankings amongst other models. You’ll see a major surge in fans and earnings overall too. Trust me on this, I’ve done this long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

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