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How To Deal With Slow Earning Days

As a cam girl, you will likely have some inconsistency in your earnings. It happens and is expected in this profession. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. Now, the good news is you can be raking in the dough if you do things right. This article covers how you should deal with slow earnings as a cam model.

How To Deal With Slow Earnings As A Cam Girl

Dealing With Slow Cam Revenue Days

Let’s face it – slow days on cam can be a real downer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, every camgirl encounters those sluggish moments that make you question everything.

But fear not!

With the right mindset and a strategic approach, you can turn those slow days into opportunities for growth and success. Here’s your ultimate guide to handling slow days like a pro.

Stay Positive and Patient

Slow days may feel like a punch to the gut, but remember, it’s just a temporary setback. Keep that positive attitude intact because, in the world of camming, things can turn around in the blink of an eye.

Even the top models have their slow days, so don’t let it get you down. Stay patient, stay positive, and brace yourself for a turnaround.

Use Slow Days Productively

Instead of dwelling on the lack of action, use slow days as a chance to catch up on tasks you’ve been putting off. Revamp your profile, fine-tune promotional materials, and plan and schedule content for your social media or premium accounts.

Connect with fellow camgirls for networking opportunities and collaborations. Productivity is your secret weapon against the dreaded slow-day blues.

Interact with Your Regulars

Your regulars are your lifeline, especially on slow days. Engage with them, strengthen your connection, and let them know you appreciate their loyalty.

Regulars are likely to show up even when the viewer count is low, providing a reliable source of income and support during lean times. Send them a sexy message. Trust me, it will work as it does nine times out of ten.

Offer Deals or Discounts

Inject some excitement into slow days by offering special deals or discounts. Encourage tipping with discounted private shows or custom content.

Camming is not just about the show; it’s about sales and marketing. Promote yourself and create enticing offers that can turn the tide in your favor.

Experiment with New Content

Slow days are the perfect opportunity to spice things up. Experiment with new themes, outfits, or interactive games to keep your shows fresh and exciting.

Your regulars will appreciate the effort, and you might attract new viewers intrigued by the novelty.

Take Care of Yourself

Emotionally draining, slow days can take a toll on your well-being. Take this time to prioritize self-care. Whether it’s relaxing, meditating, or engaging in activities that rejuvenate your spirit, make sure you’re in the right headspace to tackle the next busy day with renewed energy. Plus working out and taking care of your body, mind, and spirit is 101 for cam models like us.

Diversify Your Income Streams

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Consider alternative income sources, such as selling premium content or exploring affiliate marketing.

Diversifying your revenue streams can provide a financial cushion during slow periods. Check out resources on making money with affiliate marketing to create a steady, passive income.

Network with Other Models

Camming can be a solitary profession, but connecting with other models can offer valuable insights and support during slow periods.

Share experiences, tips, and encouragement with fellow camgirls who understand the unique challenges of the industry.

Budget Wisely

Financial management is crucial in the camming world. During higher income days, set aside savings for slower periods. Creating a budget and sticking to it will help you weather the storm of slow days without feeling the pinch.

Don’t spend all your earnings and do not operate like it’s a never-ending waterfall. You will be so sorry if you do, trust me!

Engage Your Audience Outside of Camming

Extend your presence beyond the camming platform by engaging with your audience on social media or other online platforms. Utilize these platforms to share behind-the-scenes glimpses, updates, and exclusive content.

By maintaining an active online presence, you can keep your audience excited and connected even during slow days, potentially driving traffic back to your cam shows when things pick up.


Slow days are an inevitable part of the camming journey, but how you handle them can significantly impact your overall success.

Remember, a positive mindset, strategic planning, and proactive measures can turn slow days into stepping stones toward long-term growth.

Don’t let a temporary setback define your camming career; stay positive, stay focused, and watch your success unfold.

15 Best Cam Studios In The World Today

TL; DR – This article covers which studios are the top camming studios in the world today. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about platforms like Camsoda, but instead studios. This is where models such as myself work on a regular basis when we’re not working from home. If you’re looking to get started in the camming industry and there’s a studio nearby, it’s a good place to start! I cover the top 15 below. Let’s get this party started!

Best Cam Studios

Are you interested in pursuing a career as a live streamer, but don’t want to tackle it alone?

Searching for the best live cam studio or webcam studio that can assist you in kickstarting your journey as a cam model?

Becoming a webcam model can be a highly competitive field in the camming industry, despite its potential for lucrative earnings.

If you lack the time to market yourself effectively while managing your camming activities, achieving a reported six-figure income might be challenging.

That’s where the best live cam studio and agencies come in to lend a helping hand.

Every minute of every day, countless individuals, both women, and men, are vying for an online audience.

While with dedication and consistency, you might eventually build a loyal fan base, many aspiring cam models choose to work with cam studios or agencies, or often cam sites at the beginning to gain valuable support, learn the ropes, and expand their reach.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind opting for a live cam studio or agency to kickstart your webcam modeling career.

We’ll also provide you with a rundown of some of the top webcam studios and agencies, along with a step-by-step process on how to sign up with them.

The Best Webcam Studios and Agencies

  1. Studio 20

Studio 20 is the best cam studio with locations in Romania and international studios in Los Angeles, California, and Colombia. They have won industry awards and offer high-quality equipment and professional coaching. Webcam models can earn up to $25,000 per month and receive a high commission rate of up to 65%.

  1. M Group

M Group is an international agency based in Europe and Colombia. They provide support services, training, and professional advice to webcam models. They also offer assistance with live cam pages and interactive sex toys. The agency actively signs up talent and works with both female and male new models.

  1. Rich Girls Studio

Based in Bucharest, Romania, Rich Girls Studio is a luxury camming agency with three studios. They have received numerous awards and offer high-tech studios and professional consultants. Live cam models can earn between $2,000 and $20,000 per month, with bonuses and benefits available.

  1.  Charm Group

Charm Group is one of the largest live cam girl companies in Europe, with studios in Romania. They have several studios under their brand, each with its own branding and selection of top models. The group provides coaching and technical support, and most models can earn between $1,000 and $15,000 per month, with commissions ranging from 30% to 50%.

  1. Angels Studio

Angels Studio is a professional camming agency based in Romania. They have modern studios equipped with advanced technology and offer professional support and coaching to their webcam models. New cam models can earn several thousand US dollars per month, with a guaranteed average income in the first month.

  1. Lourdes Studio

Lourdes Studio is a small independent cam studio in Bucharest, Romania, founded by award-winning cam models. They have a tight-knit team and offer training through their own academy. Many cam models can keep 80% of their gross income after completing training.

  1. NightProwl

NightProwl Studio is a popular Romanian live cam studio and agency. They offer modern cam rooms with 4K technology and provide personalized coaching and training. Live cam models can earn up to $83,000 in a two-week period, with average monthly earnings of $15,000 to $20,000.

  1. Gloria Agency

The Gloria Agency, based in Bucharest, Romania, offers training, consultancy, and high-tech studios for cam models. They have stylish rooms and a dedicated team to help webcam models create their brand.

Most experienced cam models can earn over $5,000 per month, receiving up to 65% of their gross sales. The agency also provides incentives, rewards, and financial support for investments.

  1. Cash Cam Studios

Cash Cam Studios is a US-based company witht the best cam studio in Kingston, Jamaica. They are one of the few agencies operating in the Caribbean.

Their studios offer 20 individual rooms equipped with high-speed internet, high-performance computers, and professional HD webcams. They also provide interactive toys to increase tips.

  1. Alba Studio

Alba Studio is an innovative and professional camming agency based in Colombia. They provide two months of coaching and training to help the webcam model achieve organic growth. The live cam studio offers a comprehensive team of stylists, including access to preferential rates with a plastic surgeon.

  1. AJ Studios

AJ Studios is a prominent presence in the Latin American video chat industry. With offices in various cities in Colombia, they are a multiple award-winning live cam studio and organizer of LAL EXPO.

They offer technically superior services and were among the first studios to provide VR and video conferencing capability.

  1. CM Studio

CM Studios, with three locations in Colombia, is a professional live cam agency focused on improving production quality and revenue for its cam model. They have received awards and nominations from industry names.

This studio offers a secure and stylish broadcasting space with the latest technology. They provide a professional team of stylists and mentors for coaching. However, specific details about earnings and fixed wages are not available.

  1. Interaction VC Studio

Interaction VC Studio, based in Colombia, offers a premium brand and the best cam studio for cam stars to broadcast from. With almost a decade of experience, they have over 300 webcam models working for them.

They provide professional backup, coaching, training, and marketing programs to boost traffic. Interaction VC supports both cam girls and cam performers. Their headquarters blend traditional elegance with contemporary high-tech facilities.

  1. Models 1A

Models 1A is a top camming agency in Latin America with over seven years of experience. They provide high-tech broadcast rooms, professional coaching, and a successful training program.

New models receive a start-up kit and a flexible broadcast schedule. Webcam models can earn competitive commissions and receive bonuses and incentives.

Final Thoughts

Unleash your camming potential and start reaping the rewards! With dedication and training, you’ll begin seeing the fruits of your labor in just a few months. But hey, if you feel like your agency or the best live cam studio isn’t going above and beyond to help you skyrocket your monthly earnings, don’t hesitate to speak up!

Remember, they only make money when you do, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure your success. Plus, keeping their talent happy is a major priority for these agencies because losing their stars means losing their moolah!

Curious about whether going solo is the way to go? Well, that’s a decision only you can make. Just keep in mind that while being an independent cam-from-home broadcaster offers flexibility, you’ll be facing stiff competition. With tens of thousands of live cam girls and most cam sites out there, standing out from the crowd is key to unlocking higher earning potential.

So go ahead, take the plunge, and may luck be on your side!

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How Much Are The Top MFC Webcam Girls Making?

If you’re an MFC cam girl, chances are you’re supplementing your income with a few shows here and there. But did you know there are women in the cam industry taking home six-figure salaries? That number doesn’t even include all the bonus lavish wish list gifts admirers purchase from the girl’s various wish lists. Interested to learn what the top earners are making? Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 cam girls.

Top MFC Models

The Top 10 Cam Girl Salary Countdown

Here’s a rundown of the MFC top models and the dollars that they’re bringing in by camming these days. This does not cover all models, but the highest-paid of today.

Top MFC Models

1. Kickaz from MyFreeCams


Kickaz is an artist, entertainer, and burlesque performer from a place called Kickland. Her shows are a combination of sensual performance art mixed with old-school vaudeville.

Her fans come for her personality, not just her body. So what does a performer like Kickaz make in a year from camming? Let’s look at how many tokens she received month by month:

January: 951,576 tokens
February: 908,781 tokens
March: 2,671,754 tokens
April: 956,740 tokens
May: 1,204,631 tokens
June: 1,073,937 tokens
July: 2,855,288 tokens
August: 1,138,237 tokens
September: 1,109,199 tokens
October: 1,203,782 tokens

That’s a total of 12,073,925 tokens in 10 months of camming which equates to a take-home gross of $703,696. Kickaz indeed.

2. PumpkinSpice_ from


PumpkinSpice_ is cashing in on her cuteness with an all-encompassing social media presence. When she’s not in her room putting on a show, you can still catch her updating her Tumblr account, Snapchat, Kik, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

PumpkinSpice_ is a mastermind at creating her own little world and she’s got the bank account to prove she’s more than just a kawaii face.  Here’s a breakdown of her token earnings from last year:

January: 1,189,093 tokens
February: 905,555 tokens
March: 2,703,971 tokens
April: 1,169,105 tokens
May: 1,343,388 tokens
June: 525,320 tokens
July: 2,169,760 tokens
August: 1,012,858 tokens
September: 799,915 tokens
October: 1,194,236 tokens

That’s a total of 13,073,249 tokens, which comes to a gross of $653,662 for PumpkinSpice_. Not too shabby for the “otaku bae” as she calls herself.

3. Abella Anderson from


Abella Anderson is a Cuban-born webcam model and adult film superstar. In addition to her film work, Abella has been a spokesmodel for New York City based lingerie retailer Eye Candy Sensation and Miami-based shoe company Foot Soldiers. She has also appeared in Childish Gambino’s short film “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” and starred in the lyric video for Gambino’s song “3005”.

When Abella isn’t flying around the world for her paid appearances (where she commands a $10,000 fee) she can be found camming. Her loyal fans have catapulted her into the top spot on where she reportedly earns $550,000 a year. We interviewed Abella Anderson and you can read about it more here.

4. Ginny Potter from MyFreeCams


GinnyPotter is a single non-drinker with a penchant for DIY projects (which is why she asks to be gifted in Home Depot cards.) Aside from cam modeling, she makes money by selling items she wears for her legions of fans. Here’s how much she made in front of the camera last year:
January: 1,700,931 tokens
February: 670,509 tokens
March: 877,290 tokens
April: 617,897 tokens
May: 3,290,703 tokens
June: 704,440 tokens
July: 923,892 tokens
August: 848,943 tokens
September: 737,535 tokens
October: 585,101 tokens

GinnyPotter was tipped a total of 10,957,241 tokens in 2020 which netted her $547, 862.

5. Olivia from MyFreeCams


Olivia is a bit of a wildcard. She’s not your typical, bubbly cam girl even though her profile says “Always a sunny day!” She’s Native American, 34-years-old, and cams every couple of months. Even though she’s not a regular she makes quite a pretty penny. Here’s how much she made in 2020:

January: N/A
February: 1,005,956 tokens
March: N/A
April: 2,977,450 tokens
May: N/A
June: 3,893,400 tokens
July: N/A
August: 2,937,594 tokens
September: N/A
October: N/A

Olivia worked a total of four months and walked away with a cool $547,862. Not bad for only working 120 days out of the year.

6. AspenRae from MyFreeCams


AspenRae describes herself as a “Professional Masturbator” and she makes quite a living doing what she loves. The 25-year-old, 110-pound psych major is one of’s top earners and quite the businesswoman. Aside from her lucrative cam career, she also charges a fee if you want to follow her on Snapchat or join her G.O.A.T. team (you’ll have to visit her page to find out what she means by that.)

Here were here monthly earnings for 2020:

January: 2,243,390 tokens
February: 679,375 tokens
March: 812,616 tokens
April: 630,717 tokens
May: 992,451 tokens
June: 716,330 tokens
July: 770,309 tokens
August: 1,152,457 tokens
September: 771,992 tokens
October: 643,909 tokens

AspenRae earned a total of 9,314,066 tokens, which equates to $465,703. That’s not even taking into account the thousands of dollars of clothing and jewelry that’s been lavished on the brunette beauty.

7. Jalyn from MyFreeCams


Jayln is a master at making money on the Internet. With her cam shows netting her a six-figure salary and her Amazon wish list being fulfilled on a daily basis, this cam girl knows how to get what she wants.

On top of her live show, she also charges if you want to follow her on Twitter and she requests even more for a private message or chat session. Here’s her breakdown for the year:

January: 785,420 tokens
February: 725,442 tokens
March: 956,160 tokens
April: 304,342 tokens
May: 3,509,458 tokens
June: 347,710 tokens
July: 732,767 tokens
August: 567,703 tokens
September: 810,553 tokens
October: 405,738 tokens

Jayln earned a total of 9.147,303 tokens, which amounts to a gross of $457,365 in 2020 making this 9-time winner of Miss MyFreeCams a tough one to beat.

8. LexxiStar from MyFreeCams


LexxiStar is a bisexual Asian and super earner on MyFreeCams. With an average rating of 5 stars from 13,321 voters, this cam girl is making bank. Here’s her monthly breakdown:

January: 1,066,811 tokens
February: 2,405,736 tokens
March: N/A
April: 3,261,191 tokens
May: 644,813 tokens
June: 635,209 tokens

LexxiStar is a perfect example of how much a cam girl can earn working part-time. Obviously, not everyone can be a top earner like Lexxi, but not everyone is a top performer like Lexxi.

She only cammed for 5 months last year and took home an impressive 8,073,820 tokens which rounds out to about $403,691. Not bad for a seriously part-time gig.

9. Selena Adams from


Selena Adams is one of’s best cam girls with a loyal fan base and two fan proposals under her garter belt. What the Latina superstar lacks in height (she’s only 5 feet tall) she makes up for with stacks of cash. She reportedly pulled in close to $375,000 last year while camming only part-time.

Her fans love her willingness to please and her caring disposition, which is why she’s been asked for her hand in marriage from fans not once but twice last year. Aside from her earnings as a cam girl, fans have gifted her enough high-end clothing to fill the free Mercedes-Benz she received as a present.

She’s currently building her dream house in Miami with a second investment property on the horizon. Interested in learning more about Selena Adams? She gives advice to girls wanting to become cam girls here on our exclusive interview.

10. Natalia Grey from MyFreeCams


Natalia Grey is a cute cat lady from MyFreeCams who earns about as much as a 3rd-year attorney but gets to work from the comfort of her bed…or counter…or bathroom. Here’s the breakdown of her yearly, part-time earnings from

January: 278,472 tokens
February: 300,238 tokens
March: 341,019 tokens
April: 407,760 tokens
May: 289,681 tokens
June: 742,206 tokens
July: 294,337 tokens
August: 320,207 tokens
September: 300,268 tokens
October: 242,046 tokens

Natalia Grey took home a total of 3,516,734 tokens, which netted her $175,837 last year.

Wrapping Things Up: MFC Models Make Tons Of Money

Remember, these figures don’t include the amount of money these top earners are making by charging to view their Snapchats, advertising on Instagram, and sending private messages on Twitter. Camming can be an incredibly lucrative and fun way to earn major dollars and these top earners have the designer bags and dream houses to prove it.

Losing Motivation as a Webcam Model

It’s a sad tale. One that happens to millions of people around the world on a daily basis. Your HBIC (head bitch in charge) who you thought you had a bond with has up and left you. No note, no phone call, no bittersweet kiss or goodbye sex…just gone. Who is this flighty yet seductive mistress? Motivation.

Motivation & What To Do When You Lose It

What does motivation even mean? It’s so easy to throw the word around and pretend that it doesn’t have this massive weight on your shoulders that can come along with it, but honestly finding motivation can be difficult. Not to mention the fact that once you find it and you’re on top of the world until suddenly you realize that keeping motivation is a whole different beast entirely.

Like it or not, motivation is an integral part of what makes people successful. All of us, but it’s especially important to remember that motivation is NOT the end all be all of getting things done. Especially in the cam world, where you are completely in charge of your own schedule, motivation can be hard to come by for the majority of us, the majority of the time.

Trust and believe that I am the laziest cam girl you will ever meet. Even today I have been procrastinating getting ready to get on cam because the motivation just Isn’t There. I’m sure you all can relate to having zero drive to spend all the time to get dolled up, get on cam and entertain the world with your magical vagina and sparkling wit. It’s hard, and sometimes it downright sucks.

So what do you do when motivation has left you and all you can think about is laying on your couch with the only two men you need? (I’m speaking about Ben & Jerry’s of course) Well, it’s not an easy answer, and honestly, it’s not one that is going to be cut and dry. Different strokes for different folks and all that. However, I can tell you what works for me and maybe it will give you some ideas to try on your own.

Look at fancy things.

I know this could mean literally anything, and might sound a little silly but I LOVE searching for houses that are for sale/rent that would be in my price range if I consistently worked my schedule. Clothing that I know I would have the money to buy if I could just stick to actually getting my ass on cam. Fast cars and nice vacations. Really anything that strikes your fancy will

do, but when the motivation is lacking sometimes all it takes it to look at something that could be within your reach if you just got up and got moving.


It helps to have support. So when I’m perfectly content with sitting on the couch and reading my smut, even though my subconscious is niggling in the back of my mind telling me to be an adult and own up to my responsibility of working, it can help in an amazing way to get on a forum and read about how badass the other models are doing.

I like to look at the goal threads or the bragging threads. It helps me to see that other models are out there killing it and reinforces the fact that if I push myself then I too could be the one posting in those threads and motivating other models to go out there and kill it.


Exercise isn’t fun. We all know this, but nobody ever said it was SUPPOSED to be fun. It does however keep you healthy, but that’s beside the point in this scenario. When I am extra lazy it’s really easy for me to slip into a depression and let myself become a complete sloppy mess and not do anything that I said to myself I was going to accomplish.

Now, I know that it takes a whole different type of motivation in itself to get yourself up and exercising, but if you can conquer even 5 minutes of jumping jacks or crunches and get your blood flowing it can help.

Whenever I exercise (especially in the morning) I already feel so accomplished and that I pushed myself and it makes it that much easier to get ready and face the rest of my goals for the day, and then smash them.

Accomplishing goals breeds more accomplishments, and I don’t think anyone would disagree that getting up and exercising even though it isn’t the easiest thing in the world can motivate you enough to make you feel like you can take on the world. Hell anyone who can do 10 burpees in a row or spin for an hour can do great things. #BeastMode


This sounds like it should be so easy, but we all know it isn’t. If you accomplish this then my hat is off to you, because it is still something that I am quite literally working on every day to try and master. IF you set a schedule (ex: Monday-Friday 4 pm-8 pm) then you can treat it like you would any other 9-5 job.

Even on the days that you don’t want to go there, you still do. Pick up your briefcase, down some coffee, and get ‘er done. If you worked for somebody else, you would show up to that job whether or not you had the motivation so that is the same feeling that you need to take with you when you are setting a schedule to get on cam.

These aren’t foolproof, and it’s okay that we all have bad days every once in a while. The key is training your mind to be better than it was yesterday, to push yourself to go the extra mile and do something that you might not want to do. Dedication trumps inspiration, so please just force yourself to do something and you’ll end up motivating yourself. Now stop reading this and go out there and SLAY.

Motivating Yourself As A Cam Model

Keeping yourself Motivated as a webcam model

To most people, the idea of being your own boss, making your own hours, and working from home sounds very appealing. But as with any job, there are still many struggles that you’ll have to deal with if you decide to become a cam model.​ One of the big struggles you’ll face is motivating yourself. Since you don’t have a boss to yell at you and since you can’t get in trouble or fired for not working, it can sometimes be easy to take a day off even though you know that you should be camming.

One of the main motivating factors for any cam model is money. If you aren’t working, you aren’t getting paid. It’s as simple as that. Just because you have a big day where you made more money than you were expecting, doesn’t mean you should take a day off. Instead, use that as motivation to do it again and have another big day. In the long run, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you work than if you decide to be lazy. Put it into this scenario: let’s say you doubled your goal one day so you decide to take the next day off. But what if you had worked that second day and doubled your goal again? Could you imagine how great that would feel?! That feeling of accomplishment most definitely would outweigh the feeling you’d get if you took the day off instead.

If you want to be a top cam model, you need to cam often. Consistency is also very important. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Let your fans know when you’re gonna be online by mentioning it on social media. Attach a picture of what you look like that day to your post. Tweets with pictures attract more attention, so more people will see it and be tempted to check out your cam room. The more time you’re online, naturally the more exposure you’re gonna get.

I’ve mentioned making to-do lists before, and I’ll mention it again! I find to-do lists to be a great motivating tool. It feels so good to be able to check everything off of your list and know that you accomplished everything you wanted to get done for the day. If you make a to-do list the night before, you may feel guilty if you don’t finish everything on the list. That feeling of guilt might just be the thing you need to motivate yourself to work and get everything done that you had planned to.

Another motivating factor is working during peak hours. Once you’ve been camming for a little bit, you’ll be able to figure out which days and times work best for you and when you earn the most amount of money. Again, money is definitely a great motivating factor. If you force yourself to get on cam during your peak hours, you’ll save yourself the time and frustration of trying to cam when things are slow. Slow days and hours can be really frustrating. It’s also time-consuming. If you just get on cam during your best performing hours, you can spend the extra time you save working on other things such as custom content, editing, shooting new content, or even just getting in a couple of hours of alone time.

I mentioned earlier that having a good day where you exceed your goal and then taking a day off is a bad idea. But taking some time off for yourself is needed. Sometimes just taking a short break to unwind or work on a hobby can help reset everything and be just the thing you need to motivate yourself. When you do take a break, plan out the amount of time you’re gonna relax for. Set an alarm if you need to. Just make sure you do get back to work after your break is over. As Shia LaBeouf famously said, “DO IT! JUST DO IT!”.

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