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Here at, creating tutorials and help guides is something that we love to do. This is a long list of tutorials, tips, and tricks that will help you succeed within the camming industry. Please feel free to read each of them and let us know if you have any questions about them! No doubt about it, this will help you get a head start on your webcam business.

webcam tutorials for your business

Big List of Webcam Tutorials

How to become a webcam girl – So you are interested in becoming a cam model? Excellent. It’s an exciting job where you can set your own hours and make a lot of money very quickly. This article goes over some of the first steps and lists them out in detail guaranteeing webcam success 🙂

Setting up your webcam space – Setting up a cam space is important, it creates an environment that you are comfortable with and also that your fans can relate to. This article goes over some general tips on how to make a comfortable cam environment.

How to light your webcam room – This tutorial goes over the best types of lighting to buy and where to place it. High-quality lighting when webcamming often makes HD feeds look flawless and will help you generate more income. These little changes make a large impact.

Selling Skype shows to your visitors – This tutorial teaches you how to go about selling private time to your fans via skype.

Selling tangible goods to your fans – Did you ever consider the extra revenue stream of selling underwear, custom photo sets, and more? You’d be surprised how many of your fans will pay top dollar for these items.

Selling webcam content – The technology world is slowly beginning to cater to the massive webcam industry, with dedicated hosting for your videos and platforms to sell your videos (one time or recurring memberships) You can make a lot of revenue keeping your fans hooked.

Tips on extending your private show lengths – So you’ve got the guy in private and he didn’t stay too long. Maybe he ran out of credits? Maybe it was you? Check out these tips and tricks on extending your private show lengths.

Avoid being scammed on cam – This article talks about the common scams that are played on webcam girls and how to identify and ignore them. You work a difficult job, often money comes fast but it can leave fast if you are not careful.

Dmca your content – Perhaps someone screen grabbed your private cam show and put it online somewhere, worry not. You are protected via the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA). Reading this article will show you what DMCA is and how to use it to get your content offline.

How to converting freeloaders into customers – Sometimes you will notice there are 250 people in your room, but 249 of them are free chatters that contribute nothing to your bottom line. This article teaches you how to convert those guys into paying customers.

Webcam forum etiquette – With very few webcam forums for models, it’s important to know how to act. This will help you when you are online with others.

Building a webcam fan base – This article goes over how to build a webcam fan base using social media and other means. Remember girls, keeping your fans happy and communicating with them, keeps them breaking out their wallets.

Profit from Snapchat – It once started as a messaging service but has exploded into the next big communication device. Learn here how you can profit from using Snapchat while interacting with your fans.

Tube site promotion for cam girls – Free porn tubes along time ago realized the importance of custom content creation and who better to supply content to them than webcam girls? What do webcam models get? exposure and traffic.

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