Tips on Extending Your Private Shows

This article lists a few simple but must-know tips for those looking to extend private shows in an attempt to make more money. This hits just about every simple tip that you need to know. If you cannot gain anything from these tips, please reach out to me because I’m convinced they will help you as a cam model! If these tips work for me, they will work for you.

Tips For Extending Your Cam Shows

Top 10 Tips on Extending Your Private Show Lengths

Tip 1 – Learn about your customers.

This may sound like a simple thing, as many girls who start webcamming, are more interested in just getting the job done and miss the whole point of getting to know the customer. When you forge a relationship with your customer, he may come back 5-6 times a month and spend his money on you, as opposed to once and never again.

I suggest making social media accounts to interact with these customers, even when you are not on camera. Building this persona will develop a stronger relationship between you and your customer. Remember, the more you know about your customers, the more you can keep them engaged and enjoying your company.

Once you develop a relationship with your customer, you can chat about their day, their dislikes/likes, etc, not only does this keep them at ease and happy, but it makes the time go by faster.

Tip 2 – This feeds into Tip 1, try to show personality as much as you can.

Just because you are not face to face with your customer, you may be cam to cam with them. This means you should be smiling and interacting with them. Don’t just blankly stare at them waiting for them to make the next move.

Try starting your next private off by asking ‘So what do you like?’ When you ask questions like these, the customer has to take the time to answer, and is showing them you have a caring/warm personality on webcam.


Tip 3 – Keep The Convo Going

Depending on the action of conversation you were having in free chat, do not stop doing that, just because you were taken into a private show. Perhaps your customer was attracted to that action or conversation. Extending it often will keep them engaged for longer than stopping the action.

Tip 4 – Don’t Get Naked Immediately

Don’t always assume that once you get into private show mode, you have to get naked right away. If you take your clothes off, start masturbating, and orgasm within 60 seconds, guess how long your average private show will last? 60 seconds!

Slow it down, interact get to know the customer, and ask him what he likes. Ask lots of open-ended questions like “What is your favorite part of my body?” or “Why do you like it when I do this?” Once you know more about your customers, you can always try to sell them custom video content.

Tip 5 – Have Them Turn On Their Cam

Ask the customer if they have a webcam, waiting for them to switch it on, will allow you to really get to know them better, make sure to compliment them. People like to be complimented!

Tip 6 – Move Slowly

Don’t move like you are obviously stalling, but move sensually. It can create a nice buildup for the customer when you crawl to get into a better position. Be sure to use those hips and slow hand movements up and down your body. He won’t be able to stop watching you.

Tip 7 – Don’t Overdo It

You don’t have to overdo it, I’ve seen countless models, screaming so much it’s ridiculous. This isn’t a turn-on for the customer because they can obviously tell it’s fake. The more natural and authentic you can be with your customers, the more they will enjoy the private show and the longer they will stay.

Tip 8 – Go Above And Beyond

Try to go above and beyond your customer’s expectations. You can always ask out-of-the-box questions that will surprise him, and when he answers try to keep the conversation going.

It’s important to want to win him as a friend, sometimes it’s not just about getting the private show, but making him feel better about himself.

Often these customers are lonely and save their money to communicate with an attractive female. These customers want you to be interested in them. If you do this correctly, you will start to see the customer returning to follow up with you, even when they are not horny.

Tip 9 – Ask Them Personal Questions

Ask the customer what their name is, this is always a great way to engage the customer, many customers don’t want to be referred to by their username (anallover88).

You can create a much stronger connection with them if you know their real name. Maybe even give them your real name (if you are comfortable). This builds a bond.

Tip 10 – Take Time Off

The best tip I can give you is if you are in a bad mood just take the day off. You are only impacting your bottom line and you will not be able to hold privates no matter what you try. 🙂 If you don’t want to be there, your customer won’t either.


Well, those are the best tips and tricks that I have for you if you’re looking to extend your shows. These will help and for sure you’ll make more money as a result. If you’re looking for more articles related to making money, below are some of my favorite ones that I’ve written for my readers.

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