Making Money

Looking for ways to make some serious coin as a cam model? Well, I’ve covered more ideas below than you can likely imagine. There are SO MANY ways to make money online, especially if you’re outgoing and a good looking model. You don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous, but it certainly helps.  At any rate, here are some ideas below that I’ve come up with for you to start making real money as a model.

Income Generation Ideas For Webcam Girls

When you work on Webcam, there is many different avenues for revenue generation. We have grouped many of the most popular ones here for your ease of use. All these have been verified by our staff and we have extensive reviews on each product listed here.

1) Phone Generation
One popular one these days are phone services that allow you to interact with your fan base. These phone services keep your number and information completely private. They allow you to interact with your fans via text/call and charge your fans for this luxury.

Phone Service Pay % Charge Per Message Feature Review Review Date
ChatStar 60% n/a Chatstar Review 03/17/2016
Dreamlover 50% n/a Dreamlover Review 03/21/2016
Ringhop 50% $1 Ringhop Review 03/24/2016
Sextpanther 50% n/a SextPanther Review 04/08/2016

2) Selling Content
Platforms for selling content have been on the rise lately, the original clips4sale stood untouched for many years until the demand of webcam girls selling their video content to their fans emerged

Content Service Pay % Traffic Rank Feature Review Review Date
Cammodelstore 80% 508,976 CamModelStore Review 04/27/2016
Cammodelstore 70% 155,085 Customs 4 U Review 05/16/2016
ExtraLunchMoney 60% 117,498 ExtraLunchMoney Review 04/07/2016
FreeOnes 65% 3670 Freeones Review 05/11/2016
ManyVids 60% 4606 ManyVids Review 04/05/2016
MyGirlFund 65% 77,364 MyGirlFund Review 05/10/2016
PornSpot 65% 00000 Pornspot 07/18/2016
WhoseOnline 80% 2,027,314 Whoseonline Review 05/13/2016

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