Adult Friendly Payment Options

This post covers everything you must know about payment options today. I’m talking about cam-related payment options, not basic payment options. If you’re a girl looking to cam or stream live and get paid for it, then you need to know your options on collection coins! This should clear some things up for you today. 

Webcam Payment Options You Need To Know

In the adult industry, you can choose from several different payout options that are adult-friendly. The main ways to get paid in the adult industry are through Payoneer, Paxum, by check, wire transfer, or CMB paycard.

When cashing out on various cam sites, clip sites, etc. most give you multiple options for how you get paid. With that said, you still may encounter several sites that only offer one payout option that works for you.

When first getting started, it isn’t a bad idea to sign-up on the different payment processor sites so you’ll be able to get paid quickly if you end up having to use one.

Payoneer Is A Good Option

The first site is Payoneer. Payoneer is becoming increasingly popular in the adult industry. Many of the big cam sites, such as Camsoda, Myfreecams, and Streamate allow you to choose Payoneer as your cashout option. Payoneer is a good option whether you live in the United States, or are an international model.

They set you up with a prepaid card that you can load money on. It works just like a regular bank card and can be used to make regular purchases at the store or to withdraw money from an ATM. There aren’t many fees associated with Payoneer.

But every funding source that you link in sets its fees for loading payments. Some sites don’t charge anything, some may charge a small $2.00 fee for a standard 24-hour payment, or $5.00 for an expedited 2-hour payment.

When you choose to get paid on a site by Payoneer, that site will appear on your Funding Sources page. From there you can view any fees associated with using them.

Paxum Works Too But More Strict

Paxum is another great, adult-friendly option. Again, it’s easy to get started with them and there aren’t many fees associated with cashing out. Paxum is very similar to PayPal, except you won’t get your account shut down for using them for an adult like you would with PayPal.

If you have your website, you can make a storefront and put custom Buy Now buttons below your items. When clicked on, your fans will be taken to a page where they can pay for your item(s) via Paxum. You can also use Paxum to charge for Skype shows. Paxum is the perfect option for independent models looking for an adult-friendly payment processor.

Request A Wire

Most cam and clip sites will also allow you to cash out via check or wire transfer. Getting paid by check generally has smaller fees, or no fees at all. Most sites send out checks to models in the United States for no fees and with small minimum payouts.

Cash Checks

International check by mail is available on many sites to select countries. Again there is generally no fee, but the minimum payout is higher. If you want to connect your bank account so that payments can be deposited directly into your account, you can use a wire transfer.

On many sites, wire transfers are available whether you’re in the United States or an international model. Generally, the minimum payout is very high for a wire transfer. I’ve seen it range from $200 to $1000 on some sites. The cashout fee is usually higher with a wire or bank transfer.

CMB Paycard

If you’re using a cam site such as Naked, you can choose to get paid via CMB Paycard. They make it easy to sign up and link your model account directly to your CMB account.

The fees associated with CMB Paycard are very minimal. Like a Payoneer card, your CMB Paycard can be used at any ATM or bank location to withdraw your funds. You can also use it for electronic bill pay.

Conclusion: Lots of Options

I guess the good news is that you have lots of options for getting paid today. The problem is that banks today are giving models a hard time. They are making it far more difficult for models today when it comes to holding their funds in an account. Without a bank account, it’s damn near impossible to pay for anything.

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