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Advice For Non-Nude Cam Girls Looking To Profit

There’s one major misconception in the camming world, that’s that all cam girl have to get naked. That’s their job. If you’re on cam then you’re on it to take off your clothes for the people paying to watch you. That’s not necessarily true, though.

The main goal of camming is to create a connection with your viewers. They’re not just there to see naked women because they can be getting that anywhere. They’re there to interact with women and connect with them. That makes it completely possible to be a cam girl that never takes off her clothes. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. Today I’m sharing what I know about surviving and succeeding in non-nude camming categories.

Non-nude cam tips

Non-Nude Webcam Modeling Tips

Here’s my quick tip article for succeeding as a non-nude cam girl. It’s not easy, but it’s doable and lucrative if you get things really going. This is everything you need to know.

It’s Definitely More Difficult

The thing about it is that it’s definitely going to be more difficult to get started. Most of the people on cam sites still want to see the women they’re talking to get naked. It’s going to be a bigger challenge to establish yourself as a non-nude cam girl, but it’s still possible.

You just have to make sure that you’re all about your own personality. You have to talk to people and engage with them. You have to be completely open about your life. If you’re thinking that you can just sit on a cam with your shirt on and get paid then you’re just wasting your time.

It Should Still Be About Eveningwear / Lingerie

Even if you are still completely clothed for your entire private cam session, you still have to wear something that’s revealing. There’s a balance that you have to strike and it can take some getting used to. Sure, the people watching you may be okay with just talking and getting to know you, but they still need a sexual aspect.

They could just talk to people on the bus if they were just starved for human interaction. Wearing lingerie or tiny shorts and a cut off can make all the difference. Now you’re teasing them with your body and that’s almost as good as getting naked for them.

You just have to make sure that you make it clear that you’re not getting naked. If they go into it expecting to see skin, they’re not going to walk away happy. Write it all over your profile and in your chat box.

Once it’s understood by everyone who visits your room, you’ll find that the complaints and the trolling will ease up. You’ll be able to just do your thing with your clothes on.

Don’t Think You’re Classy

The biggest mistake that any non-nude model can make is convincing herself that she’s classier or better than the girls who get paid to show their vaginas. You’re not. No one is better than anyone else.

You’re still working on the same cam site as they are. You’re still relying on tips from total strangers for money and that’s fine. Having an air of arrogance in your room when you won’t even take out your tits is going to sink you faster than anything on a cam site.

Just understand that you’re exactly the same as the girl who’s puckering her butthole on the cam right next to yours and you’ll be in a much better place. You’re still there to entertain and to interact with people.

That’s the job and being humble about it is what it takes. Always understand that and you’ll be much further along than a lot of the other newcomers on the site. Everyone always wants to see themselves as being different from the other girls on a cam site. They’re not. Everyone is exactly in the same place and it’s much better to work together than it is to work separately.

Being Clothed Won’t Save You

The other, possibly even more, important thing to keep in mind is that keeping your clothes on isn’t going to save you if you get found out by an employer or loved one. If you’re running the risk of losing your job by being on a cam, you won’t be able to make the case that you never get naked in your defense. Being on a cam site is still being on a cam site.

It doesn’t matter what you do or what you refuse to do. It’s all still going to look the same to them. There are plenty of other safety precautions that you can take. Most cam sites let you block out a specific region when you sign up.

That means that if your life and job is in the Pacific Northwest; you can block that entire area from seeing you. It’s the best way to make sure than your employer never comes across you on your cam. It’s how most cam girls go about keeping their camming lives private from the people that they don’t want to know about it. Just wearing a shirt isn’t going to cut it.

Be Open To Transitioning

As you cam more and more often, your comfort levels are going to change. As such, you should always have it in the back of your mind that you may decide to transition into a full blown, nude cam model. The simple fact is that you’re going to make more money by taking off your clothes. That’s just the way that it is.

You should never fully refuse to do it. If you find yourself thinking that it’s more and more okay, just give it a shot. You can always go back to being a non-nude afterward. You might just find that you like it a whole lot more than you thought you would.

Conversely, if you’re a nude model, there’s nothing at all wrong with transitioning into a non-nude. You can still make money and you might already have a base of people who come to spend time with you.

Just let them know that you’re changing things up and the ones who want to stick with you will be able to. No one can ever force you to take off your clothes on a cam site. What you do when you’re broadcasting is always up to you.

Conclusion: Give Non-Nude Camming A Try

If you’re looking to do this, great – you got this! There is without a doubt, money in non-nude cams. Trust me, I know and have successfully done private shows without removing any clothing. But, you must understand it’s much harder than nude shows. Profiting is a bit tougher, but once you get going, the cash flows like fine wine.

Become A Cam Girl By Doing These Things First

After receiving a ton of newbie questions on how to get started, I’ve decided to put a simple list together of what’s needed to kick things off as a cam girl. This will not be a super exhaustive list. It’s the basics to help quickly feed information to girls looking to start camming. I’m also doing this because I am getting so many basic questions from people.

Become A Cam Model Tips

The Very First Things To Do When Becoming A Cam Girl

Read this list and follow the links referenced. I’ve laid out everything that models need to know if they want to get started. Literally – EVERYTHING. Well, I won’t cover the deep in the trenches stuff today like squirting on cam or crazy stuff like that. But this is the basic cam girl stuff. If you have any questions after reading my other articles, please do continue to reach out.

name tag

Create Your Camgirl Name

This is the first step to success. You need to create your name. Don’t use your real name because that’s going to lead to trouble.

Instead, create a catchy, brandable, easy to remember name. If you’re into a specific niche, then I suggest using something related to that niche. If not, then go broad and brandable, but keep it catchy.

Social Media Accounts

Setup Social Accounts

Okay, do NOT sleep on this one. Make sure that social media handles are available and secure them as soon as you can.

I’ve heard so many stories of models creating a name and brand, then not being able to secure the social and sure enough, someone launch jacked their brand.

Don’t let this happen or you’ll be sorry. Setup the basics, which are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Read The Rules

Sign Up For A Platform & Read The Rules

Get signed up on a camming platform. There are tons of them out there to consider joining. My advice would be to do your research, but if you’re looking to just get started, then join

This is the up and coming platform that everyone is using. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you will make money at Camsoda because it’s so new and popular.

Now, don’t just sign up. Make sure you understand the rules and regulations here. If not, you could lose out on all your earnings.

The adult industry is getting more strict and they need to protect their platform, billing and brand in general. They are not going to sacrifice their entire operations over one model that wants to earn a few extra dollars. So, please know the rules.

computer meme

Understand The Tech Requirements

You’re going to need a computer and a webcam at a minimum. Understand the most basic tech requirements as a model. It’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to get started.

The startup costs of modeling are low. Just kick things off with the bare minimum, but understand all that’s needed.

block people

Block Local People

Many girls may choose to skip this but I’ve done this and really suggest you do as well. Blocking local people aka geo blocking your local IP area will prevent people in your hometown from being able to find you.

This is important as you really might not want locals creeping on you. On the other hand, some models (not me) connect intimately with locals and make a ton of money from them. The choice is yours really, but I choose privacy.


Setup Your Profile

Next up, set your profile up with a solid description, bio, physical attributes and more. Leaving a half-ass profile on a cam site or even worse, a blank one, will lead to no money.

Do you want to make money? Great, then put in the basic work of providing consumers information and you’ll succeed.

Let's Talk

Learn How To Start Conversations

You need to know how to start conversations with consumers. Work on ice breakers, convo ideas and things of that nature.

Cover non-political trends, events and holidays happening in society today. Talk about things that you like and even better, things that you love.

Do Your Research

Research Show Ideas

You should do your research. Find out what types of shows other models are doing and think about how you can incorporate the same into your work.

Do your research. I’ve covered a lot of show intel over the years on Please look around for ideas for shows.


Start A Blog – Time Permitted

Last but not least, if you can start a blog, then you should. Consumers love reading posts done by models. They love reading about their days and just life in general.

This helps give them insight into what you’re doing and why and trust me, it typically leads to them buying more private shows. This is the very last thing that you should be doing to kick start things. Do everything else first.

Conclusion: Just Do Them

So, those are the most important things you need to do if you want to start out as a cam girl. Do them in the order that I’v presented and put in the effort up front.

This will help you succeed in the long run and if you cannot do this, then you should rethink becoming a cam model. It’s just scratching the surface, but trust me, the money will flow if you do things right.

Feel free to reach out to me with any other questions or concerns that you might have!

XOXO + High-Five ~ Sarah

Do Sugar Babies Have To Sleep With Sugar Daddies?

This article covers the sugar babies and sugar daddies relationship and whether or not you are doomed if you do not sleep with your “daddy.” Guess what, not all sugar daddies demand sex. You’ll find out why below. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to profit from a sweet sugary relationship – WITHOUT the sex.

sugar babies sugar daddies no sex relationship

Can You Be A Sugar Baby Without Giving Them Sex? YES!

If you’re thinking about entering into a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship then you probably think that having sex with your daddy is a necessity. That’s the way that most of these relationships work, after all.

An older, well to do man seeks out a much younger and attractive girl and pays her a monthly allowance for her time and plenty of sex. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Just because it’s the way that most of these relationships work out doesn’t mean that it’s the way that yours has to work.

It's Different

Some Daddies Want Something Different

The simple fact of the matter is that there are some sugar daddies out there who want something very different from their sugar babies. Some of these men really just want someone to spend time with them. Others just want an attractive young girl to take out on the town.

Still, others have a fetish that they need to be fulfilled. Sometimes that fetish is as simple as having someone rely on them and ask them for money. Other times, the fetish is financial domination. No matter what the reason for it, there are plenty of sugar daddy relationships out there that don’t require sex.

It's your Call

Having Sex Is Up To You

Of course, none of this is to say that you should always work to avoid having sex with a sugar daddy. It can be an extremely fulfilling experience for both of you.

After taking so much of a man’s money, it’s only natural to want to thank him with your body. As long as it’s up to you, the sex can be a lot of fun and something that you end up craving and looking forward to. Just be open to anything that comes your way.

It's Just Not Gonna Work

Sometimes It Doesn’t Work

There are going to be some times when the relationship just doesn’t work. There are always going to be men who think that the sugar relationship is all about paying for sex. Then there are girls who feel that they’re entitled to someone else’s money and want to do nothing at all in return for getting it.

Neither of these two things “sugar” relationships. If there’s a daddy who wants you to do things that makes you uncomfortable, all you have to do is walk away. There’s always someone else for you to meet out there. Oh, and trust me, you will run into the average fuck boy from time to time. It’s inevitable, so just roll with the punches.

Let's talk

Negotiate The Relationship First

The very best thing that you can do for yourself is to simply work out the details of the relationship before it starts, including money. Just lay it all out on the table and let him know what you’re willing to do and what you expect in return.

He’ll likely come back with his own expectations and offers for you. Just find a middle ground and make that the basis of your relationship. You just can’t get any better than knowing what to expect before your relationship ever starts and it will save you from a whole lot of frustration down the line.

Conclusion: Do It and Have Fun With It

No matter what your relationship ends up being, just make sure that you have fun with it. It’s an experience that not everyone gets to have. On top of that, you’re only going to be young for so long.

Once you pass a certain threshold, you’ll have to offer increasingly specialized sexual services after you choose this as your lifestyle, until you’re only good as a granny offering your services to men who are the age that you use to be when you started this whole thing.

7 Most Popular Sex Toys Perfect For Webcam Models

Working as a live cam model means that you always have to find something to make your shows as fun and appealing as possible. You have to keep the people coming in and make sure you’re giving them a real reason to stick around for your shows. The best way for you to do that is to simply make sure you have the fun kinds of sex toys that you can use to give them something that they want to watch. Here are the most popular sex toys for cam models all over the world. I should mention, these are great to use in both premium private shows as well as live free cam shows.

Sex Toys For Cam Models

These Sex Toys Are Just Perfect For Cam Girls

All of these toys are those that I’ve either used or have heard first hand from other models on what they do and how they work. Look, you need sex toys handy if you’re a cam girl and these are the toys you should consider using today.


Lovense Vibrators

The top of any sex toy for cam models list is always going to be taken by Lovense vibrators. These are toys that can be turned on and off by tips or apps.

The viewers get to control the intensity of the vibrations and the models get to enjoy all of the tips that it takes to set them off. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can have a toy for every situation.

There are clitoral vibrators, G-spot vibrators, and even vibrating butt plugs. If you have a need then Lovense can fill it.

WeVibe toy


Next up is the We-Vibe. This is also a remote control vibrator, but it won’t work with tips. It’s best used in private shows on Skype. It’s controlled through an app, so you’ll have to give your viewer access to it.

Once they have it, they can control the vibrations and their intensities. The best-selling toy they have to offer is the Chorus.

It’s a U shaped vibrator that’s meant to hook onto the model’s pubic bone to stimulate both her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. If you really want to enjoy your show as much as your viewers then this is the toy you need.

The Cowgirl Toy

The Cowgirl

If you’ve heard of the Sybian then you know exactly what this toy is all about. It’s a saddle that the model can straddle while it vibrates them to an unstoppable orgasm.

What sets this thing apart is that you can control it with an app. That means your viewers will be able to set it off whenever they want and you’ll just be along for the ride.

There’s plenty of add ons for the saddle, including vaginal and anal vibrators to enjoy with it. Trust me, this toy is amazing.



Once again, this is a toy that’s best used in private shows and on Skype. It’s a fully functional fuck machine that won’t break the bank.

It can be controlled by an app that puts total control into the viewer’s hands. It can be set up to 240 strokes per minute and adjusted for anything from 2” to 6” of vaginal penetration.

If you really want to be taken for a bang on your shows then this is the very best way for you to do it. It’s safe and it’s as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

Liberator Toy

Liberator Pillows

Moving away from high tech to low tech is the Liberator Pillow. This is a simple thing that can make all the difference in your cam shows.

They’re all designed to get you into the best positions for any kind of cam action. They make it comfortable and they can be outfitted with sex toys.

These pillows will take any sized vibrator or wand so you can ride them without getting yourself into a position that makes it painful or difficult to achieve orgasm. No matter what else you use, make sure you get yourself one of these pillows for your shows.



The Domi is a mini wand that acts as a competitor to the Hitachi magic wand. It’s compact and much more useful than the usual wand. That’s because it’s interactive and can be set off with tips.

You can also use it in your private and Skype shows when you want to give out access to the app. It’s a powerful wand that never lets up and is perfect for full vulva stimulation.

It’s an experience that you just can’t get with any other kind of toy on the market and any model who uses it is going to love it.



Finally, we come to the Womanizer. This is a toy that directly stimulates the clitoris and nothing else. It uses a sucking sensation that most women find irresistible.

It’s not interactive, but people will line up to watch any cam girl use it. The reason for that is that a powerful orgasm is pretty much guaranteed any time that it comes out.

On top of that, it’s the go-to toy for any girl who wants to experience the soaking ecstasy of a squirting orgasm. Being able to do that on cam will keep the viewers coming day after day.

Try Them All

These are the most popular sex toys for cam girls on the market. Try one or try them all. No matter which toys you get, your viewers will love them. These are the top of the line and there’s a very good reason for that. They simply work and they’re fun.

No one can resist them once they come out. You’ll see the difference in the number of people in your room right away and you’ll never want to go back to your old ways of doing shows ever again. Get your collections started today! Lastly, I should mention that many of these can be found on Amazon, so be sure to add them to your wish lists!

How To Deal With The Webcam Fuckboy

What Is A Fuckboy

If you’re reading this, then you know what I’m talking about or you’re at least remotely interested in learning all about the webcam fuckboy. The fuckboy aka fuckboi might be the most annoying cam user of them all – NO LIE. Today you’ll learn what they are, what they’re all about, and why you should avoid them at all costs. For those of you models scratching your head or perhaps even rolling your eyes, just stop and read this. It’s one of the important things to know. Perhaps even more important than making money.

fuckboy gif

What Is A Fuckboy?

The definition of a fuckboy is quite simple. It’s a guy who plays with girls feelings or tries to ask (even beg) for things without a care in the world. They’re annoying AF and typically broke jokes. Have you ever heard any cam consumers say…

“Hey baby, can I just get some nudes real quick, please? Pleasee? Pleeeeaaaassseee?”

F*#& Boys are the worst. They are taking over the world and the worst part about it is that they are evolving and are disguising themselves. Sometimes they’ll even trick you into thinking that they aren’t a f*$& boy by buying something! But, one way or another, every F*$& Boy’s true colors show.

fuck boy

Four Types Of Fuckboys To Avoid

Here are the 4 main types of fuck boi losers that you’ll want to run away from – FAST.

F**k Boy Number One:

The F*$% BOY Fan

I logged onto my Instagram the other day only to be bombarded with a million messages from a million different “promoters” who were asking me if I wanted a shout out. Now, I’m new to the Instagram world but I have a couple of pages that promote me regularly out of the goodness of their heart. They must genuinely like the look that I will bring to their page, I suppose.

So, when I respond with a “sure! Thanks!” I can always assume that they are going to write back with one of two things. One will be them thanking me and saying they are going to take pics off my page. The other response is something along the lines of “can u send personal nudes?” or “you have a Snapchat?” (I’ll delve into the Snapchat f**ck boys in just a moment, as they are a breed all on their own.)

It’s not just Instagram that you can run into these little posers, they exist on every platform you can think of. Twitter has them, Instagram, Snapchat, probably Periscope.. Although I haven’t personally encountered them there.

Read this next part carefully because I want it to really sink in. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE FREE THINGS FOR PEOPLE TO PROMOTE YOU. This really shouldn’t ever be a give/take situation. There are plenty of quality promoters around that will promo you without asking for anything more than maybe the occasional fan-sign. If someone is asking you for anything from a free pic to a free skype show, tell them to go F off and die.

Those are what I like to call F**ck Boy Fans. They are dumb, immature little twits who think that because they are a fan of the industry that they will be able to take advantage of the women who are actually in the industry.

F**ck BOY Number Two:

The Snapchat F$%*Boy

I’m sure that by now we are all aware of Snapchat Takeovers and how they work. They tend to vary from Snapchat to Snapchat. Myself personally, I only do takeovers when they allow me to have control for a

full day. I don’t do really well with schedules so I hate being tied down to a 2 hour time period. (I want them to know me, damnit!) I also don’t ever do full shows, I only do the snapchats that are for me to promote my brand.

That being said, with the Snapchat phenomenon there is a whole new breed of F**ck Boy that we now have to deal with.

These silly little boys think that because they have a Snapchat and can get a couple of rookie girls to take them over, that they are all of a sudden in the actual adult industry. Give me a break. *eye roll*

Worse than that, they will come at you with all kinds of things. Telling you about “how the industry works” (uhhhh…hello? Are you really trying to explain how the industry that MY CAREER IS IN works?! Are you stupid?) and more often than not they will talk to you like you are a dumb girl who doesn’t know anything.

Personal example: I was contacted on Tumblr by someone asking me to do a takeover. I asked who they were and how many followers they had? They responded and I told them that I was willing but I wanted it for a whole day. Get ready for this part… he came back with “A whole day? HA! Maybe 8 hours tops, anything more than that and you’ll have to pay” …….


I felt like that needed a moment of silence.

Bro, you asked me to do the takeover, not the other way around. Why would I PAY you? Who the F**ck are you?

Someone else tried to get me to take over their account, do a full cum show that THEY were charging people for. HA! Give me a break.

Ladies, when you encounter a Snapchat F**ck Boy, please give them the reminder that they aren’t actually in the adult industry, and that they can go suck on some balls.

F**ck Boy Number Three


I don’t know about you, but I find these to be the most annoying out of the bunch. They are constantly saying things like “aye girl, I got you baby! You soooo fine, keep doing what you do. Wanna fuck? I got a big 10 inch schlong and I can rock your world.”

Oh yeah? You’ve got a 10 incher? You and everybody else that I’ve talked to in the past 30 minutes. It’s a good old fashioned dick off!! You’d think they would realize that we don’t actually give a damn what they look like as long as they have the money to pay. You want me to call you a big boy and talk about how you’re the best damn thing I’ve ever seen? Pay up, pretty.

F**ck BOY Number Four

The Cam F*$% BOY

Slightly less prominent but not any less annoying, the dude who comes in your room and goes “Hey, I’m a cam model on here too, we should do a show together!”

Err… how about no? First of all, super unprofessional and second, why would I want to do a show with you? Does that line actually work on literally anyone? I cannot imagine a scenario where a girl would be like “Hell yeah! Sign me up! Here’s my name and number, my address is this if you wanna come on over next week and fingerbang me in front of a webcam!’ Sounds great!”

Ew. There’s just so much NO happening right now.

Whichever way you want to break it down, F**ck Boys are here, and although they can disappear for a while, they will always come back with force. Learn how to have witty banter and make them feel like an idiot, or better yet convert them into paying customers, which we all know is the only acceptable form of F**ck Boy there is.


Odd Vaginal Insertions Fetish On Webcam

Here’s what you need to know about trying to incorporate odd vaginal insertions and extreme vaginal fetish insertions for cam shows. This tells you and other models what you need to know about performing these shows for models.

odd vaginal insertion tips

Everything You Must Know About Odd Vaginal Insertions On Cam

One of the biggest fetishes that a cam model is going to come across is the odd insertion fetish. This is just what it sounds like. It’s inserting odd objects into your body. If you find yourself looking around the kitchen when it’s time to tend to your own needs in the bedroom, this might be perfect for you.

It has a large base of fans who are always seeking out cam models that are willing to do it for them. Here are some ways that you can get into the odd insertion fetish without harming yourself in any way.

What Is RACK?

RACK stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink. That means that you know the risks associated with your fetish and that you’re doing everything in your power to do it all safely. You always want to practice RACK.

Never let yourself get into a situation where you’re risking your health. No amount of money is ever worth that. Just makes sure that you’re always safe and you’re always ready to say no to something that crosses the line into dangerous territory. If it looks like it will damage you, pass it up and find something else.

Avoid No Edges Or Corners

Never just pick something up and have sex with it. You always want to run your fingers over it and make sure that it won’t tear your skin. Make sure that there are no rough edges or sharp corners on it. These will cause an injury that will lead to much bigger problems.

The inside of the vagina is some of the most sensitive skin on your body. If you cut it then you’re going to know about it and it’s going to cause an incredible amount of pain and injury. Never try to shove a square peg into a round hole.

Swear Off Of Sugar

The next thing that you always want to avoid is sugar. Your body’s pH is a very delicate thing and sugar throws it off immediately. You’ll be risking a yeast infection each and every time you introduce it. That means that you want to stay away from certain fruits and vegetables.

One of the most common objects for people to request is the carrot. This is always a bad idea. These things are almost nothing but sugar. It will coat everything that it comes in contact with once it meets the warmth of your body and causes you problems.

Never Use Glass

You never want to use glass that isn’t meant to be a toy. The glass that you find in those is made of Pyrex and very sturdy. If you use a glass or a jar, you’re going to regret it. These things simply aren’t designed to have pressure pushing them in from the outside.

They’re going to shatter and they’re going to cause you a whole lot of problems and pain. If it happens to you, you’ll likely require surgery and will live with the side effects for the rest of your life, included reduced sensitivity in your vagina.

Anal Insertion Is Trickier Than You Think

You may be a huge fan of anal sex. You may also think that it gives you a huge advantage. If you’re willing to go weird with your ass then you’re miles above the girls who are petrified of simply taking it up the butt. While you’re right about that, you still have to be careful.

The vagina has a cervix that lets you know that you’re too deep. It stops objects from going into your ovaries. The ass doesn’t have a cervix. If you go in too deep, you can lose whatever you shoved up there and that’s just embarrassing.

Give It A Shot

With all of this said, you still shouldn’t be too afraid of odd insertions to not try it. You can access a massive number of fetishists who are looking for a model to do it for them. There are plenty of cam girls who refuse it. If you can offer it then you’re picking up a whole lot of money that they’re leaving on the table.

If it’s something that you’re already into, you’re even further along. Just bring your love of strange things inside you into your cam shows and enjoy it. It’s the best way to make money while you’re having a good time. That’s something that you just can’t find in many industries. Try it out and see if it’s at all for you. You might be surprised at what gets you off.

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Online Femdom Tips For Webcam Dominatrix Models

Online Femdom Tips For Webcam Dominatrix Models

Do you enjoy playing the femdom role in the bedroom? If so, then you might have found a way to make a bunch of money. The female domme models cash in big. I play this role occasionally for certain followers. Here’s everything you need to know about cashing in on the domme chat sessions today. Before I get into the tips, you’re probably wondering which cam platform I use for this. It’s none other than

Online Femdom Tips

Female Domination On Cam

Female Dominants, or femdoms, are possibly the most sought after fetish providers on webcams. Any woman who’s willing to provide this service can expect a constant stream of traffic from both men and women who fetishize the idea of being made to submit to a woman.

It’s a fairly inexpensive way to get long term customers who will keep coming back for your brand of domination. You just have to work out what that brand happens to be. Here’s a rundown of what domination actually is and how you can use it to entertain your customers in exchange for a long-term financial partnership.

Brands Of Domination

There are essentially three different brands of domination that you can incorporate into your cam experience. You can choose to stick solely to one type or you can branch out and use all three. It’s up to you, but you should always be willing to let your brand grow as you explore your own likes and dislikes.

You’ll also have to consider which of these brands is bringing you the most money. You’ll end up with a balance of personal pleasure and financial compensation that will be your brand and no one else’s.

Domme Worship

The next brand is more accessible to most customers. It’s called Worship and is used to show the customer that he or she is only there to pleasure the dominant, whether or not they’re worthy enough to be in her presence.

This type of domination usually requires some form of earned nudity. The cam model will start off by removing small pieces of clothing such as shoes. The customer will be required to flood the model with compliments about her body part and the article of clothing. Once the area has been properly worshipped, the model will move onto the next one.

Humiliation Domme

The humiliation brand of domination revolves around insulting the customer and making them feel small and insignificant when compared to you. It usually involves verbal humiliation in the form of talking down to your customer. You’ll have to call them names and verbally feminize them.

This can also include things like SPH (a cam acronym), or small penis humiliation. This will require a cam to cam session or pictures, but many customers have fetishized the idea that their penises are too small to please a woman, and therefore unmanly. If you can imagine male insecurity, you can find men who have fetishized it and want a cam model to use it to humiliate them.

Fetish Domme

The final brand is fetish domination. This allows a model to incorporate any specific fetishes she wants into her domination sessions. This can be anything from feet to pantyhose or spitting, smoking, vore, and even the giantess fetish.

If it’s a fetish, the model can use it. Running through all of the different variations is next to impossible since there are so many of them. Simply use the fetish to humiliate the customer and they’ll be getting what they want.

Submissive VS Slaves

As you grow your customer base, you’ll be coming across both submissives and slaves. These are essentially two different intensities of the same thing. A submissive is likely visiting multiple dommes for sexual pleasure. You can expect to talk to them in your free chat and seek humiliating tasks in paid chat.

The slave is a committed submissive who is likely to only visit one domme. He or she is willing to make time to visit based on your schedule. They’re going to use their free chat to announce their presence then carry out all interactions in paid chat.

Financial Domination

No matter what brand of domination you offer, the most lucrative form of it is going to be financial domination. This is when the customer is forced to pay for every single interaction with you.

The underlying current is that they’re unworthy of any of your attention. That’s why they have to pay you money in exchange for your time.

There are many different ways of doing it and you’ll have to match your services with what the customer is willing to pay for. If you can provide the services they want, you can rely on a constant income stream from them.

Fetish Domination With FinDom

One of the easiest ways to financially dominate a customer is through your fetish domination. You can take any fetish and turn it into a reason to take money from them.

A foot fetishist, for instance, can be ordered to pay you every time they get to see your feet. They can pay you to blow smoke into their faces, open your mouth and threaten to eat them, or even make them pay you not to be crushed by you with the giantess form of fetish.

Go With What Works

No matter how you decide to try out domination, just make sure that you go with what works after you find it. If you come across a certain type of customer who really enjoys a certain brand that you offer, lean into it.

Finding what brings in the customers is one of the most important things that you can do as a cam domme. You might not be expecting to be good at the things that you’re good at. You’ll only be able to tell by the things you do that bring in the most money.

Try It Out

Deciding to be a domme is a big one. You might not like the way that it makes you feel or the kind of people it brings you into contact with. If you try it out and don’t like it, simply move on. You won’t know until you give it a shot.

See what you like and what’s being asked of you. If you want to continue then you can expect to make a decent amount of money. If you don’t then simply change to the kind of shows that are unique to you and your own brand of camming.

How To Choose A Cam Model Name

Choosing a name for your cam model persona isn’t tough, but it’s something that you need to think about. This article covers everything you need to know about creating your persona and most importantly, how to choose a good name. Camming names can make a difference in earnings and branding ability, so put time into it!

Cam Model Name

Choosing A Name For Your Cam Persona

One of the most important things that you can do as a new cam girl is to choose your name. No one should ever just pick a name out of the blue. You have to put a little bit of thought into it to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it.

You’ll also have to consider things that you might not be thinking about. That includes the ease of someone remembering it, searching for it, and knowing what to expect when they find it. If you make sure that it fits, it will always serve you well.

Use A Real Name

The first thing that you want to make sure you do is to use a real name. That doesn’t mean using your real name, though. You just don’t want to go the online gamer route.

Picking a name like AnalBlaster69 or StinkFinger666 may sound fun, but it’s not a draw. No one is going to take someone with a name like that seriously.

You want to use a real name like Alexis or Kelly. As long as it’s not really yours, you’ll never have to worry about it being connected to you in any way.

Pick A Name You Like

On top of that, you can finally choose a name that you like. If you’ve ever wished that you were named something else, this is where you get to make it happen.

You can pick any name that you like and it will be your online ID. You’ll get to see it every time you log on. It will also make it extremely easy for you to remember it.

Don’t forget, you will be able to use a name that you’ve always known and wanted to be known by. It’s fantasy fulfillment along with a strong business decision.

Choose A Sexy Name

The next thing you want to make sure you do is to choose a sexy name. “Sexy” doesn’t mean sexual, though. SwollenClitKate is a sexual name, but not a sexy one. HelgaFartBoxFiller is the same.

You want to pick a name that sounds sexy. Just think in the same direction as porn stars. Diva Devine is a sexy name.

Any name that gets you thinking in the way of eroticism and sex is the way to go. It’s something that happens in your mind, so just run through a few and see what works for you.

Make It Memorable

You also want a name that you don’t have to work to remember. This is where alliteration and rhyming are your friends. Just pick that favorite name of yours and see what it sounds like. You can also rely on state rhyming.

Alexis Texas aka Texas Alexis, for example, is a memorable name that tells the customers what to expect from you. This is where you really have to spend most of your time figuring it out.

Once again, you want to go with sexy over sexual. Sexy gets them in the room and sexual keeps them around. Oh, I need to mention Brandi Love as well. A camming icon and top performer. Fans LOVE her…pun intended!

Stay Away From Weird Spellings

Once you pick your name, make sure you use a simple spelling. This is important to make sure that you’re not losing money because your customers just can’t find you. You never want to throw in any extra letters or anything like that. Just keep it as simple as straight forward as you possibly can.

If your name already has a complicated spelling then you might want to simplify it. Violette can be turned into Violet to make sure no one is going to miss you by just a few letters when they’re looking for you.

Try Not To Change It (Ever)

Once you finally settle on your name, make sure you stick with it. It’s how people are going to be finding you across multiple platforms. Keep it simple and keep it.

That’s how you get models with thousands of regular customers who always have the money rolling in for them. It’s how you can be a successful cam girl and turn it into your own business. It’s called brand recognition and that’s how you have to think about it.

Your name is your brand, and it has to tell your audience everything that you have to offer them. If you need a few examples, simply check out the famous and successful cam girls. They’ve all chosen names that work for them and bring in the traffic. It’s the first step toward becoming a successful cam girl with multiple cash streams to live off of.

Acronyms For Cam Models and Fans

If you’re just getting started with camming, then you’ve got a little bit of homework to do. Jumping into a cam show without knowing the common acronyms and lingo might leave you feeling out in “left field.” Truth be told, there are lots of different acronyms out there that are just waiting to confuse you. If you know them, then they’re a great way for people “in the know” to communicate quickly and effectively.

If you’re new to the whole camming or adult world, they can just be a source of frustration for you. No one wants to use the wrong one when they’re trying to say or sell something. That’s why it’s always best to have a list handy and ready at your convenience to let you know exactly what you’re trying to say and how to say it.

It will also make it a lot easier for you to follow along with other people. This list of acronyms that I’ve shared below are what I believe to be the most common and important to know. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Acronyms for Cam Models

Common Acronyms For Cam Models To Know

First up are the most common acronyms that you can run into. These aren’t necessarily adult-oriented. You’ll see them all over the place, including mainstream social media. They can still be brought into the adult world to get a point across.

If you see these anywhere else, you’ll be able to figure out what the people are saying. You’ll probably already know a lot of them, but it never hurts to brush up. You never know when you’ve always thought that something meant one thing only to learn that it meant something totally different.

APAC – Adult Performer Advocacy Committee

ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

AV – Age Verification

BAE – Before Anyone Else

BB – Baby

BTC – Bitcoin

CMS – Content Management System (Site Management)

DM – Direct Message

DSLR – Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera

DMCA – Digital Millennium Copyright Act

FOSTA – Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act

FSC – Free Speech Coalition

GFY – GoFuckYourself

GILF – Granny I’d Like To Fuck

HD – High Definition

IG – Instagram

MILF – Mom I’d Like To Fuck

NSFW – Not Safe For Work

OBS – Open Broadcaster Software

PM – Private Messages

POV – Point of View

SESTA – Stop Enabling Sex-Trafficking Act

TS – Transgender

VPN – Virtual Private Network

VR – Virtual Reality

WL – White Label

WP – WordPress

Site Acronyms

While you’re out trying to find a good site to start your camming journey, you’re going to run into a lot of acronyms. These are just shortened versions of the site names for the most part. If someone brings one up to you, you’re probably not going to know what they’re talking about.

It’s just going to take extra time for you to try and figure it all out when you could just be checking out the site for yourself. Once you get going, though, other people are going to expect you to know them.

ACF – Amber Cutie Forum

AVN – Adult Video News

AW – Adult Work

BC – BongaCams

CS – CamSoda (Read this page)

C4S – Clips4Sale

CB – Chaturbate

CMD – CamModelDirectory

CWH – CamWithHer

ELM – ExtraLunchMoney

FCP – FirstChoice Pay

F4F – Flirt4Free

IWE – iWantEmpire

IWC – iWantClips

JFF – JustForFans

LJ – LiveJasmin

MC – ModelCentro

MDH – MyDirtyHobby

MFC – MyFreeCams

MH – ModelHub

MV – ManyVids

NF – NiteFlirt

OF – OnlyFans

PH – Pornhub

SM – Streamate (Read More)

SW – StripperWeb

WAM – Wet and Messy

XXX – Not really an acronym, just means explicit content

YK – YouKandy

YP – YouPorn

YT – YouTube

Sex Acts Acronyms

There are plenty of acronyms for different sex acts. These are the ones that you should really know. You’ll be posting them all over your pages as a cam model.

You’ll want to be able to tell people exactly what you can do for them without having to force them to spend too much time reading. You want them to be able to reference your text and know exactly what they can do with you.

ATM – Ass to Mouth

B/G – Boy/Girl Content

B/T – Boy/Tranny Content

BDSM – Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism

BJ – Blowjob

C2C – Cam2Cam

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture

CEI – Cum Eating Instructions

DP – Double Penetration

FJ – Foot Job

GFE – Girlfriend Experience

G/G – Girl/Girl Content

G/T – Girl/Tranny Content

JOE – Jack Off Encouragement

JOI – Jack Off Instructions

SPH – Small Penis Humiliation

General Adult Video Acronyms

Finally, you want to be able to tell the people who you are and what you want to do. Once again, you don’t want them to spend too much time reading. You want them in your room with you. You want them buying your shows or giving you tips.

This is how you do it. Tell them all about yourself in as few words as possible. It’s the best way to make an impact and ensure that you’ll have a steady stream of people coming into your cam room to have a good time with you. These are the terms that you’ll probably be throwing around the most and should always make an appearance in your bios.

AW – AdultWork

AWA – Adult Webcam Awards

BBC – Big Black Cock

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman

BWC – Big White Cock

PAWG – Phat Ass White Girl

PSO – Phone Sex Operator

SB – Sugar Baby

SD – Sugar Daddy

SM – Sugar Momma

SW – Sex Work / Sex Worker


If you have any other questions, please reach out ASAP and I’ll do my best to shed some more light on these acronyms. Keep checking back to read the homepage to find out what I’ve published recently. A lot of times I’ll update pieces as well as I see fit. So check back regularly for more info!

Chaturbate Tips For Male Cam Models

Now I typically post updates that cam girls can relate to or benefit from. I figured that’s quite biased of me and wanted to cover something for the male models. Today I’m covering Chaturbate for male models and basically everything that guys need to know about the platform.

If you’re looking to kick-off your camming career and you’re a straight or gay man, then you’ll want to read this. But before I get started, I’d like to add that although I’ve focused on, many of the things discussed are relevant to other cam platforms out there.

male model advice

Chaturbate Advice For Male Cam Models

The best thing about a site like Chaturbate is that it’s open to anyone. You don’t have to be a specific type of woman if you want to broadcast and make money. Anyone can use it to their advantage and that extends to men.

There are plenty of male broadcasters on the site and you could be one of them. All it takes is a cam and an internet connection and you can make your own room.

You just have to know what’s in store for you. Here are the most common things that a male broadcaster has to look forward to.


Straight Males Broadcast To Men

The one thing that you can’t expect to happen is to get on your cam and start playing with women. That’s just not the way that it works. The vast majority of viewers on the site are always going to be men.

If you’re a male broadcaster, then you can expect to mostly be talking and showing off to gay men. You can label yourself as straight, but that’s not going to stop them. Even if you think there are women in your room, they’re most likely going to be gay men in disguise.


Gay Males Get Propositioned

If you’re a gay man on the site, you can broadcast yourself to plenty of other gay men on the site. Just realize that you’re going to be getting a whole lot of propositions.

The other gay men on the site are going to ask you out on dates all of the time. Accepting any of them is never a safe thing for you to do. This is not a dating site. It’s a cam site. You can have all of the fun on your cam as you want, but meeting up is never a good idea.


Be A Fantasy

Whether you’re gay or straight, just make sure that you’re making someone else’s fantasy come true. You have to do it for everyone. That doesn’t mean you have to do things that you don’t want to do, though.

If someone wants to see you have anal sex, and you don’t want to, there’s nothing wrong with saying that you don’t like doing it on cam. It still lets them walk away with the fantasy of you loving anal sex. That’s really what the site is all about and it’s the best way for you to make money.

Try It Now

You don’t have to spend any money to try camming out for yourself. All you need is a cam. Sign yourself up and see how much you like it. You’re never under any obligation to continue doing it if you don’t enjoy it.

Just give it a shot and see if it’s for you. Trying something out and deciding if you want to keep doing it is really what it’s all about. Get on your cam and have some fun with people. It’s always up to you if you ever come back to it again.

Please do not copy my site!