SPH Webcam Advice: How To Run Small Penis Humiliation Shows

Having spent tons of hours performing for SPH fetish fans, I know all about small penis humiliation and camming. Here in this article below I basically share all that I know about doing these shows and how you can truly profit big time by doing so.

SPH cam show advice

My Advice For Cashing In On SPH Cams aka Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation, or SPH, is a very common fetish among submissive men. They’ve spent their entire lives knowing that they’re small, and even been humiliated for it in the past. It weighs so much on their minds that it turns into a fetish for them.

When something like this is all-encompassing and part of everything you do, it’s not strange for the person to start needing it in order to achieve erection or orgasm. That’s how a fetish works and using SPH in your shows is a great way to keep your customers coming.

Be Confident In Everything

Men seeking out SPH as a fetish aren’t very likely to want it from just anyone. They want it from a femdom who can take control of them and order them around.

It makes them feel small and that’s really what they’re after. If it’s something that you want to offer then you have to be confident in everything that you do.

No sexually dominant woman in this position is ever going to question herself or her actions. She’s also never going to ask for feedback. Just decide what you want them to do and stick with it.

SPH Cams

Insult Them All The Time

These men who are after humiliation want it to be as verbal as possible. That means that you have to be mean and insult them. Call them worthless every chance you get. Call them pathetic.

Laugh at them and make them feel small and miserable. That’s what they’re after and it’s what they’re paying for.

It’s what you have to give them if you really want to keep them coming back for more. The more you humiliated them, the more they’re going to want it and that’s how it should work out with everyone.

Use Objects In Cam 2 Cam

One of your best tools in SPH is Cam 2 Cam. If your viewer is willing to pay for you to watch them, use it to your advantage. Have them compare their penises to small objects, like tiny batteries or pencils.

Make them hold them next to their penises and tell them how much bigger and more satisfying the tiny object must be.

It also works great if you have the same kind of object with you. You can hold it up to show them just how small it is when you try to use it.

SPH For Big Penises

One thing that you’re likely to come across are men who want to enjoy SPH, even though they have large penises. You can still do some of the same things, but you have to keep the illusion going.

That means that comparing them to small objects is out. If they can clearly see that they’re much bigger than it, they’re not getting what they need. It’s best to find some other way to humiliate them. Insult the shape of the penis and call it disgusting.

If it’s long but thin, focus on the thinness. If it’s thick but short, focus on the length. The main goal is just to find a way to let them know that what they have could never satisfy a goddess like you.

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