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Today I’m covering all things Kik-related and whether or not people are making money on this platform. If you’re a cam girl, then you’ll want to read this closely. The Kik app just might help you make a ton of money!

Kik App Webcams

Kik Camming Advice For Girls

Whether you’re a cam girl, a phone sex operator, or even someone who sells your own porn videos, you’re probably looking for more ways to make money directly from your clients.

Sexting and selling photos and videos are always a great idea, but you have to know the best way to go about it. No one wants to simply hand out their phone number so people can receive their work.

It opens up a massive world of identity theft and stalking. That’s why the best way to directly interact with people is on Kik. It’s easy to use and you can set it up so you bring in money by the month.

Getting Started

All it takes to get yourself started is to download the app and create an account. You can use an e-mail address or a phone number.

Even though the app goes out of its way to keep your information private, using an e-mail address is still the safest bet. You never know when a data breach might happen.

If they don’t have your actual phone number then you never have anything to worry about. Once you’re up and running, you can interact directly with your clients.

Sign Up For Premium Subscription Sites

Now it’s time to make sure you can make money from your Kik account without having to worry about it. The easiest way is to simply sign up for a premium membership service.

There are a lot of them out there and you don’t really have to do anything. You’ll be able to direct your clients right to them so they can sign up for themselves.

Then the service worries about collecting your monthly fees while keeping a small percentage of it for themselves. Now all you have to do is send out your messages.

Kik And Fetish

Just because of the way that it’s designed, Kik is a great way to sell your femdom services to men and women. They can sign up through your service provider and you can use your app to send them daily or weekly tasks to carry out for you.

It’s easy and it keeps them actively interested in all of the things that you have for them. You can also use it to reward them with your images and videos for carrying out your tasks to add a whole new dimension to what you have to offer them.

Kik And Sexting

Of course, at its base, Kik is just great for sexting. It can be a service that you offer while you’re not on your cam or you can use it while you’re live on cam.

Subscribers will be able to contact you directly while you’re in your cam session to make them feel like they’re standing out from the pack in the chat room.

It’s something that lots of viewers are interested in doing and there’s never going to be any lack of new people who are willing to sign up for it once they see how much attention it gets them.

Advertise It

Now that you have your Kik all setup and your viewers know how much they love it, you can start advertising it on your cam account. Just make sure that they allow it.

Not all platforms allow you to advertise any outside media. It just takes some focus away from them and they never really know what you’re selling. As long as you can advertise it, do it at every single opportunity that you get.

Paste links in your profile and advertise the services in your chat room. The more people who sign up for it, the more people you’ll have in your room talking about it. If you have a Kik client in your chat room while you’re online, tell them that you just sent something to them on Kik in the public chat room.

It will make everyone else in the room want it for themselves. It’s all about advertising and the more you do it, the more money you’ll make. There’s nothing better than the feeling of knowing exactly how much money you’re going to be making in a month because it’s all coming to you through paid subscriptions.

Conclusion: Make Money On Kik

There’s plenty of opportunities to make money here but you must make sure you’re doing it right. Be sure to consider everything I’ve mentioned above and you’ll likely win big.

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