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Creating Custom Content

Offering custom content for your fans to purchase is a great way to make extra money. Some fans want to see you doing very specific things, saying certain phrases, or using their name in a video. By offering custom content, you can give your fans a personalized video or pictures that’s made exactly to their liking, and just for them.

Since this is content that you generally aren’t going to resell (although you can if you choose to), you can charge your fans much more than you would sell a premade, generic video for. Some guys are cheapskates, but most understand that the price will be higher due to the time and effort you’re going to put into their custom, and the fact that you won’t be reselling it for more profit. And if you do, it’s probably something so specific that not many other customers will purchase it from you.

It’s completely up to you what you want to charge for custom content. For me personally, I recently had to raise my prices because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of custom requests I was getting. And in the past, I had to lower my prices because I wasn’t selling any customs. So it’s definitely trial and error. And you’ll more than likely have to adjust your prices throughout your career based on your popularity.

You should definitely set your standard prices for custom content, but note to your fans that this is just your base price. If a video or photoset requires a lot of setup, you getting messy, or you having to purchase items, there will be an extra charge. Make sure you have your fans message you before purchasing a custom so that you can work out all of the details, make sure you’re comfortable with everything they want you to do, and let them know of any extra charges.

When you list your custom content prices, you can also include add-ons that your customer can pay extra for. These can include HD video, 24-hour turnaround time, a promise that you won’t redistribute the content, or anything else you can think of.

There are lots of different sites that you can sell custom content on. If you have your own website, you can sell customs on there. Most cam sites also let you offer custom content to your fans as long as they pay through the site. Sites like ManyVids and Cam Model Store let you set up a storefront where you can sell custom content. Some sites such as Extralunchmoney and Mygirlfund even have built-in escrow systems. These are nice because it gives your customer a chance to preview the custom before accepting the escrow. It helps put both their and your mind at ease, and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction. You can even use your social media accounts to sell customs! If you’re using social media, make sure you only accept payment via adult friendly payment processors (never PayPal!) or with Amazon gift cards/items off your wishlist.

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