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Offering Custom Content

create custom content

Creating Custom Content

Offering custom content for your fans to purchase is a great way to make extra money. Some fans want to see you doing very specific things, saying certain phrases, or using their name in a video. By offering custom content, you can give your fans a personalized video or pictures that’s made exactly to their liking, and just for them.

Since this is content that you generally aren’t going to resell (although you can if you choose to), you can charge your fans much more than you would sell a premade, generic video for. Some guys are cheapskates, but most understand that the price will be higher due to the time and effort you’re going to put into their custom, and the fact that you won’t be reselling it for more profit. And if you do, it’s probably something so specific that not many other customers will purchase it from you.

It’s completely up to you what you want to charge for custom content. For me personally, I recently had to raise my prices because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of custom requests I was getting. And in the past, I had to lower my prices because I wasn’t selling any customs. So it’s definitely trial and error. And you’ll more than likely have to adjust your prices throughout your career based on your popularity.

You should definitely set your standard prices for custom content, but note to your fans that this is just your base price. If a video or photoset requires a lot of setup, you getting messy, or you having to purchase items, there will be an extra charge. Make sure you have your fans message you before purchasing a custom so that you can work out all of the details, make sure you’re comfortable with everything they want you to do, and let them know of any extra charges.

When you list your custom content prices, you can also include add-ons that your customer can pay extra for. These can include HD video, 24-hour turnaround time, a promise that you won’t redistribute the content, or anything else you can think of.

There are lots of different sites that you can sell custom content on. If you have your own website, you can sell customs on there. Most cam sites also let you offer custom content to your fans as long as they pay through the site. Sites like ManyVids and Cam Model Store let you set up a storefront where you can sell custom content. Some sites such as Extralunchmoney and Mygirlfund even have built-in escrow systems. These are nice because it gives your customer a chance to preview the custom before accepting the escrow. It helps put both their and your mind at ease, and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the transaction. You can even use your social media accounts to sell customs! If you’re using social media, make sure you only accept payment via adult friendly payment processors (never PayPal!) or with Amazon gift cards/items off your wishlist.

External Camming Software And Webcam Splitters

Webcam Splitting

Although every cam site has their own software that you can use to broadcast yourself, some models choose to use external software.​ There are several different reasons for this. External software offers models more unique features that most cam sites built-in software doesn’t offer, you’re able to watermark your webcam stream using external software, and you can broadcast on multiple camming networks at the same time if you’re using a webcam splitter! Now let’s get into a couple different apps you can use and go into more details about each of the above points.

The two most popular external webcam apps are ManyCam and Verysoft. I’ve only used ManyCam, and it works great! But I have heard that it can sometimes run slow on Mac OS. Although I’ve never used Verysoft before, I’ve only heard good things about it. Both are free, but you can upgrade for more features if you choose too, but it’s not really necessary. The free versions have plenty of cool features.

Some of the special features that you get with these external webcam apps are picture in picture, adding a background image, adding funny effects and custom graphics, draw your own designs, add a clock or timer, rotate or flip your cam stream, easily zoom in and out, and play around with the color settings (grayscale, brightness, etc.). Probably the coolest feature in my opinion is the picture in picture. This allows you to do a couple different things. You can have two webcams set up and show both of them at the same time. Some models will have one on their face, while the other focuses on their private parts. You can also use the picture in picture feature to stream both your live cam and a promo or sample video at the same time. This is a good idea for if your room gets a little boring or if you’re talking about a new video you have for sale. You can show little snippets of it to entice your fans.

With both ManyCam and Verysoft, you can also watermark your cam stream and/or add custom text. You can even make the text scroll across the screen if you want. The watermark feature is great for preventing your content from getting leaked on the internet. And the custom text can come in handy for posting video deals, raffle deals, your current goal, or the current high tipper.

ManyCam and Verysoft also give you ability to broadcast your webcam feed on multiple sites at once. I believe the free versions only allow you to use it on two sites at once, but you can do more sites at once if you upgrade. More than likely though, you won’t want to do any more than two sites at once anyways. This is called a webcam splitter. It allows you to cam on two camming networks at the same time. If you go into a private show with someone on one site, you simply disconnect from the other site until you’re back in public/free chat. I wouldn’t recommend doing this when you’re new to camming. It can get kind of confusing and very overwhelming.

In order to use these external camming programs, have them open before you log into your camming account. Once logged in, all you have to do is change the source of your cam to whatever program you’re using.

Cam Model Store Review

Review of Cam Model Store

Cam Model Store is a site where you can open your own online store to sell adult goodies. Popular items include panties, used toys, videos, Snapchat access, and Skype shows. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 53/60, with an average score of 8.83. They lost the majority of their points because they don’t offer any form of regional blocking.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I’ve been on Cam Model Store for 7 months.

Features 10/10:
Cam Model Store has so many great features, and they keep rolling out new ones! Before I get into the features, I should mention that there is a one time fee of $149.99 to open a store with them. But with the payout percentage being 80%, you can quickly make that money back. Now on to the features… the main feature is a storefront. The colors and look of your storefront is fully customizable. You choose your own top banner, background image or color, text color, and even link colors. Your storefront will list all of the products you have for sale. They make it easy for your customers to select the item(s) that they want and checkout. For everything that you offer, you set all of your own prices. They do have a minimum of $10 though.

Besides selling items, you can also do cam shows on Cam Model Store. You can incorporate all of the same functions you could on any other cam site: HD video, audio, text chat, and cam2cam. You set all of your own per minute rates for group and exclusive chat. Fans can also send you tips.

They also have an anonymous pay-per-minute phone service. You set your own price per minute for phone calls. They don’t offer a texting app, only actual voice phone calls. Your real number will always remain anonymous.

Cam Model Store now has a solution for PayPal! Since PayPal is not adult friendly, they have created an adult pay request feature. This feature allows you to send out a “request for payment” notice to any customer. You just enter a title, the amount you are requesting, and your customers email address. You will be notified as soon as the customer pays.

A newer feature is the top tipper board. If you’ve earned at least $200 on the site, you can activate your board. This allows you to manually add customers who have purchased from your store to your top tipper board. This feature can be useful if you have competitive fans who want to compete to be your top tipper.

There are a few other features on Cam Model Store. If you want to offer a discount on any of your items, you can easily create promo codes to give fans a percentage off your items. If you want to promote your store, they provide images and linking codes for you to use. You can easily check the number of views each of your products has gotten in the past week, month, or year. And you can also easily check your store sales for the week or month.

Profits & Traffic 9/10:
Cam Model Store has one of the highest payout percentages in the adult market. You keep 80% of everything you bring in on the site. They do very minimal marketing for you, which is one of the reasons why they can pay such a high percentage to their models. You are responsible for posting your store link on social media and drawing in your customers that way. They have a small Twitter account where they post occasional shout-outs, but with only 1,000 followers or so, that doesn’t draw in much traffic.

Besides posting your link on social media, there is another way to draw in some traffic to your store. If you check out Cam Model Store’s homepage, you’ll see that they have 9 different categories, each featuring models. The categories include featured store of the week, weekly most promoted stores, top stores for weekly sales, top cam shows in overall sales, top phone calls in overall sales, recently added store items, latest models who logged in, latest models with a sale, and next model birthdays. Some of these categories are hard to get listed in, but others are easy and will get you more exposure. If you’re frequently logging into the site and posting new items for sale, you’ll be listed in at least 2 of the categories regularly: last login and recently added store items. Doing this will help get you more exposure and possibly more sales.

If you put in the effort to advertise your store, the profits are unlimited! Some models earn the majority of their income from Cam Model Store.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 9/10:
The model dashboard is a bit cluttered and can be overwhelming when first looking at it. But if you take some time to click every link and read through everything, you’ll be navigating the site without any problems in no time. One thing that I do find annoying and possibly confusing for potential customers is that only the latest 20 items that you uploaded are displayed when visiting your storefront. If your customers want to view your other items, they need to either click the individual categories on the left or click on View All Items. Some fans may not realize this and only see your latest 20 items.

Payments & Cashouts 10/10:
On Cam Model Store, you can choose to get paid via check in the mail, direct deposit, Paxum, or Western Union. Direct deposit is only available to models in the United States. Paxum and Western Union are only available to international models. Payments are sent out weekly as long as the minimum payout is reached and you keep 80% of everything you make on the site. There is no fee to get paid via mailed check and the minimum payout is $20. Direct deposit has a one time fee of $25 that’s taken out of your first paycheck. The minimum payout for direct deposit is $20. Paxum and Western Union have a minimum payout of $500. You are responsible for any chargebacks, which is one of the reasons why they can pay out such a high percentage to their models.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 5/10:
Your privacy is important to Cam Model Store, and none of your personal information will ever be leaked or given out to your customers. All sensitive information is transmitted via SSL technology and processed safely, securely, and discreetly.

Cam Model Store does not offer any form of regional blocking. This is a problem for any model who wants to block certain states, countries, or zip codes from viewing their content. As Cam Model Store states in their FAQ section, geo-blocking is not 100% guaranteed anyways because of certain factors such as IP address sharing. But it still puts some models at ease and works better than having nothing in place. It’s unfortunate that they don’t offer regional blocking.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
The customer service and support team at Cam Model Store is phenomenal! If you’re having an issue, they always respond quickly and with all of the information that you need. Everyone on the team is very knowledgeable. They don’t offer phone support, but they generally get back to you by email within 12 hours if you contact them Monday-Friday.

Although you have to pay a one time fee of $149.99 to open your own store, Cam Model Store can be very profitable and you can make that money back quickly. They make it incredibly easy for you to offer all of your adult services in one location.

Cam Model Forums

webcam forums

Top Webcam Forums for Cam Girls

Whether you’re new to the camming world or a veteran, it’s good to have a place where you can ask questions, get advice, vent, and hang out with other cam girls. Luckily there are several large forum sites where you can do just that! In the video, I briefly explain some of the general features you’ll find on each of the big forums. Here are some more details on each:

AmberCutie’s Forum

AmberCutie is one of the biggest and best forums for cam girls! It’s very active, and new posts are made daily. They have both a public section and a section reserved for “verified cam girls”. There are plenty of resource guides in the public section to help new cam girls get started. But if you’re an active cam model and active on the forum, you can apply to get “verified cam girl” status so you can access the Models Only forum. Male and transgender cam models are welcome on the public forum, and there is even a male model thread, but the Models Only section is reserved only for cam girls. They don’t exactly explain their full reasoning behind this, but they do say that it was originally started for Myfreecams models (since the owner cammed on MFC), and since MFC only allows female models, the majority of the posts are focused around cam girls.

The two main public sections on the forum are General Cam Chat and Ask-a-Model. If you’re new to camming, the General Cam Chat section is your new best friend! There are pages and pages full of resource guides, tips and tricks, advice to succeed on specific cam sites, toy reviews, and so much more! Even if you’re a veteran to camming, you’ll find lots of interesting threads to read where you can discuss different aspects of being a cam girl with girls who do the same thing as you. If you’re uncomfortable talking about what you do with friends or family, this is a great place to go and chat with other models who can relate.

The Ask-a-Model section also has a lot of guides for new models. If you have a question about something related to camming, you can most likely find the answer in one of the threads. And if you can’t find an answer to your question, you can always start your own thread. Chances are it’ll be answered by a member of the community in no time. If you need help understanding how forums work and some basic etiquette for cam models, You can view our article titled: Webcam Forum Etiquette.


Wecamgirls is another great site. Not only do they have a forum, but they have lots of other features as well. The forum is very active, and you can find models making posts throughout the day, every day. They have threads about every major cam site and content selling site with lots of tips and advice. Even some of the newer and smaller sites are listed on there. There are very useful threads about different adult-friendly payment methods, the best hardware and software to use on different sites, camming equipment, and more. There are even threads to promote your website and sell/buy sex toys, clothes, and jewelry from other models.

Besides the forum, they have an extensive review section with thousands of reviews on cam sites, payment providers, content selling sites, and studios. They also have over 1,000 resource guides.

Stripper Web

StripperWeb was originally started as a resource forum for strippers, but they have added a Camming Connection section for “virtual strippers” aka cam models! There are over 400 pages in that section of the forum alone. There are guides for different cam sites and content selling sites, general camming guides for getting started, equipment info, and just general discussions. You can find a lot of information on the forum, so it’s a good place for new cam models to start if you’re looking for some guides and advice. And if you’re just looking for a place to vent, read other cam models personal stories, and get some tips from girls who are dealing with similar situations, you can check out the Life Support section. Review review Review is a live cam site that features mainly female models, but also has some boy/girl couple accounts. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 58/60, with an average score of 9.66. They excelled in every category, only losing a couple points for not offering payments by check and not having geo-blocking when they list contest results.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I’ve never cammed on Naked, but I do have a model account on there that I used to test the site out and get a feel for everything.

Features 10/10: has so many great and easy to use features! The first is their built-in broadcast programs. They have both a standard (non-HD) broadcaster and a HD broadcaster (called the iModel Application). Both are easy to use, but it is highly recommended that you stream in HD. Your video and audio quality will be greatly improved if you do. The standard broadcaster is browser-based and the iModel Application is desktop based, meaning you have to download and install it on your computer.

You can offer several different kinds of shows to your fans on If a fan wants to do a one-on-one show with you, they can take you private. The default rate for a Private Show is $4.99/minute, but you can adjust your price if you choose to. In a Private Show, other members of the site can join as a Spy Show. Your Spy Show rate is automatically calculated for you, and is $2 less than your private rate per minute. If someone is spying on your Private Show, they will pay per minute and only be able to watch the show. They will not be able to hear anything or chat with you in any way. You can also do a Tip Show. For a Tip Show, you set a goal you want to reach, how long until you want to reach it, and how much each fan has to tip into the show in order to watch it. If you meet your goal (or get close enough that you want to start) in the allotted time period, you will be taken into a private show. Only your fans who tipped into the show will be able to watch. Even after a Tip Show has started, fans who haven’t tipped in yet are able to tip and join.

Aside from live cam shows, you can also sell videos, tangible goods, and other services on your profile. If you upload videos to the site, they’ll be listed for sale on your profile. You choose all of your own prices. You can also sell panties, used toys, Snapchat access, pretty much anything you can think of! If you are selling other goods and services, you can only accept payment on Asking a customer to pay you through any other method is against the rules.

Another great feature that’s offered on is DMCA takedowns. If you notice your videos on clip sites or anywhere on the internet without your permission, you can contact the support staff at and they will help you get it removed. This is a feature that can really add up and take a lot of time if you’re doing it on your own. helps make it easy for you.

Profits & Traffic 10/10:
On, models keep 50% of all the money they generate on the site. That means you keep 50% of all the money you earn in tips, private shows, spy shows, tip shows, and video sales. As with any cam site, what you put into your shows and how dedicated you are to your job, helps to determine how much you’ll make. Some of the top models on the site are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with the top girl earning over half a million dollars last year! generates a lot of quality traffic, and their numbers keep growing! The site has grown exponentially since their launch, and they do a great job advertising the site to continue to increase traffic, thus increasing profits for the models! They have a Twitter account with over 39K followers. If you tag them in a tweet, they will retweet it for you. They also do shout-outs pretty frequently.

As I mentioned in the features section, there are other ways you can earn money on the site besides from doing live cam shows. You can sell your videos, sell tangible goods, and offer other services such as Snapchat access. You can even list your Amazon wishlist on your profile so fans can spoil you with items! also has a daily contest for models to win extra cash! Every day they award $1000 to the top 5 models who earn the most on the site. $500 for first place, $250 for second, $125 for third, $75 for fourth, and $50 for fifth place.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 10/10:
I found to be incredibly easy to navigate through. The model dashboard and all of the links are very self-explanatory and easy to figure out. Without much effort, you’ll be able to navigate the site and figure out where everything is. Both the standard and the HD broadcasters are also easy to setup and configure.

Payments & Cashouts 9/10: offers several different payout options for you to choose from. The first way is a CMB paycard. This is the fastest payment method. You can cashout as often as you like, even every day if you choose to. This is for US models only and the minimum payout is $35. A fee of $4.95 is deducted every time you load your card. The next way to cashout is through a direct bank deposit with Dwolla. Weekly payments are sent directly to your bank account through Dwolla. Again this is for US customers only. The minimum payout is $2, and there is a $1 fee per transfer. The pay period for this method runs from Monday-Sunday and they deposit funds to you the following Friday. You can also cashout using Payoneer by either direct deposit through them or a Payoneer paycard. For direct bank deposit through Payoneer, there is a minimum payout of $20 and fees range from $2.99 to $9.99 per transaction. This option is offered for all models, even international. The pay period for this method runs from Monday-Sunday and they deposit funds to you the following Friday. You can also have your weekly payments put on a new or existing Payoneer paycard. This method is offered globally and there is a $20 minimum payout. The pay period for this method runs from Monday-Sunday and they deposit funds to you the following Friday. does not offer their own direct deposit (but both Payoneer and Dwolla do) or mailed checks.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 9/10:
You can rest assured that your identity will be protected on Privacy protection is very important to them, and your personal information will never be given out to anyone. If you’re concerned about people you know seeing your live cam shows, offers regional blocking on the site. You can block individual US states from viewing your profile, as well as entire non-US countries. If you have a region blocked, no one from there will be able to view your profile, live cam shows, pictures, or videos you sell on the site. Contest results are the only thing that will display your username regardless of geo-blocking.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
The customer service and support team at is great! You can contact them at any time if you have a question or if you’re having an issue on the site. They have 24/7 phone and email support, and always get back to you quickly. Their support staff is very knowledgable and will help you with anything you’re having trouble with. They also have a very indepth Wiki page and a Model FAQ page. If you have a question about a feature on the site, you will most likely be able to find the answer on there.

Overall is a very well put together live cam site with many great features to help you succeed. They have a very good website address that generates lots of organic traffic, aside from the traffic each model brings in from advertising. The site is set up in a way that makes it easy to use for both you and your fans. I’m excited to watch them grow! Video Review Tip Video

Removed Unfortuantely

More Tip Videos

Are you already a model on and need some help navigating different parts of the steps? We created Videos to show you how to do the most common requested things on naked (how to block regions, setup your wishlist, how do naked camscores work etc)

Do you want to compare how compares to other webcam sites?

Want to see how compares with other webcam sites. We review each of the major webcam sites. We do a full in depth comprehensive feature review, as well as listing the payouts, alexa rankings, Us Traffic % and more information helping you make the decision if is really the best cam site for you.

DMCA Takedowns

How to Dmca Webcam Content

DMCA stands for The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A DMCA takedown notice is a notification to a company (generally a website or search engine), that they are either hosting or linking to copyright-infringing material. It provides them notice to remove the copyrighted content. Once you become an established cam model and have more people viewing your content, you’ll inevitably come across your content on sites that you do not want it distributed on. This could include tube sites, clip sites, forums, etc. Contacting the webmaster yourself can sometimes work to get your content removed, but not always. Not only does it not always work, but it can be very time consuming. There are sites out there that will do all of the work for you. Many of these sites have different plan levels for you to choose from. With the cheaper plans, you have to find the pirated content yourself and then they will handle the takedown. With plans that cost a bit more money, they will handle absolutely everything for you, including finding the pirated content on search engines, tube sites, and even social media and then going through the steps to have it removed.

Having stolen content of yours distributed on various sites throughout the internet can possibly take away income from you. If it can be watched for free, some people might not pay for an official copy through you. Not only that, but it can also be a security risk. If you use regional blocking to block specific countries, states/provinces, zip codes, etc. from viewing your content, all of those regions will be able to access it from the pirated location. It’s also important to check with the current cam site you are working with. Webcam sites like for instance, offer free dmca takedowns for all their models, this is a huge savings in my opinion.

One of the best and most popular sites for DMCA takedown in the adult industry is Cam Model Protection. They specifically focus on DMCA takedowns for cam models. They have different packages for you to choose from based off of the services you’d like to get from them. Below is a breakdown of their services and pricing:


Not only can their service help while you’re currently in the industry, but it’s great for retired cam models as well to prevent family members, coworkers, potential employers, and friends from finding out what you used to do. If you’re unsure about Cam Model Protection, they offer a free trial membership. You’ll have full access to all of their features so you can test them out and see if it’s right for you. You can even have your fans donate towards your monthly fee!

You can also use for your takedowns. They only charge $10/month, but you pay per takedown. Each takedown costs $199. So depending on the amount of takedowns per month, Cam Model Protection will probably be the best option.

Sometimes you may find your content online, but a DMCA takedown isn’t always the best solution. A site like Live Cam Clips is a good example of this. If you want your content completely removed, they will do it for you. But whenever someone submits one of your live cam shows to their site, they always put a link back to your camming profile. If that isn’t enough for you, or if you feel like too many of your clips are being shared for free, they offer another solution. You can submit one or even a few cam shows that you choose and edit down yourself (they can be teasers that stop when things start to get intense, or even a full cam show). Whenever someone submits one of your cam shows to their site, instead of posting the video that was submitted, they will post the video(s) that you sent them. This is a great way to get extra exposure without all of your cam shows getting leaked.

Video About Dmca Takedowns for Webcam Models

SextPanther Review

How Works

SextPanther is a site/app where your fans can chat with you by phone calls or text messages. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 51/60, with an average score of 8.5. The only category that they didn’t excel in was geo-blocking because they don’t offer any form of regional blocking.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I actually just started using SextPanther last week.

Features 10/10:
SextPanther can be used to chat with your fans via phone calls and/or text messages. You set all of your own prices and your fans are charged per minute for phone calls and per message for texts/picture messages. You can also choose to charge for the initial purchase of your phone number, or have that set to free. If it’s free, anyone can connect with you, but they will still have to pay to actually chat with you.

It’s a good marketing strategy to set your phone number to free for a couple of reasons. When you have a free number, a blue banner is placed across your profile picture to let potential customers know your number is free. This helps draw attention to your account. The other reason why it’s good to have your number free is because more customers will connect to you, and once connected you are able to not only initiate chat with them, but also see how many credits they have on the site.

As I just mentioned, if a customer connects with you, you’re able to contact them. You won’t get paid unless they respond, but it doesn’t hurt to take a few seconds out of your day to initiate something. It may lead to you chatting with someone who comes back over and over again. To make it simple for you to connect with everyone at once, SextPanther has a mass message function.

You can send either a mass text message or mass picture message to everyone on your contacts list, or choose only specific users to send the message to. What I do is send out a teasing picture to all of my new connections, and then a message afterwards saying something flirty like, “Wanna see more? 😉 Hope to hear from you soon!”. The potential customers have to unlock the picture in order to see it. If they do open it, you get paid. So far it’s worked well and has gotten me some new fans who love to chat!

When customers visit the site, they can choose to view either porn stars or amateurs. There are some big name porn stars signed up on the site, which is a good thing. It makes the site seem more legit to guys who are viewing it for the first time. Don’t let the fact that more recognizable names are on the site make you feel like they’ll get all of the attention. Many guys would rather connect with amateurs than porn stars.

Profits & Traffic 8/10:
I’m still very new to the site, so I haven’t noticed a lot of profit yet. With that said, there is definitely traffic on the site. If you’re responsive to your messages and have your prices set at a reasonable amount, customers will connect and chat with you. It of course helps to promote your SextPanther account on social media so your current fans can find you. SextPanther is also very involved with their social media accounts. They frequently retweet you if you tag them in a post. They also do a lot of shout-outs throughout the day.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 10/10:
The site is beyond easy to use. Not only can you view and reply to your text messages on your computer, but you also get text messages and picture messages sent to your phone. When you’re on a computer, you can find everything you need from your dashboard. There’s a list of everyone who’s connected with you (this list can be sorted by most recent, new clients, alphabetically, or by the amount of credits they currently have), detailed descriptions of your earnings, a button to turn your phone call availability on or off, and an easy way to adjust your prices. From your dashboard you can also check all of your messages, reply via text message or picture message, and send out mass messages.

Payments & Cashouts 8/10:
On SextPanther, you keep different percentages for different things. Payouts are 55% for text/picture messages, 75% for phone calls, and 80% for tips. Currently you can only choose from a mailed check or direct deposit into your bank account. If you want to do direct deposit, you will have to send them a voided check to get it set up.

Pay periods are from the 1st of the month to the 15th and the 16th to the end of the month. Payments are sent out 3-5 business days after the end of each pay period as long as the minimum payout has been met. The minimum payout is $20 for both check and direct deposit.

When you sign up on the site, the default payment is set to a mailed check. If you want to do direct deposit, you will have to email support to get that set up. On the site itself, there is not really any details about how payments work. I had to contact support for all of this information.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 5/10:
As with most adult phone service sites, there is no regional blocking. This means that anyone who visits the site has the potential of finding you. For models who prefer to block their country, state, province, etc. from viewing their adult work, this will be a problem and the site is probably not for you.

As far as keeping your personal information private, I haven’t experienced any issues. I also haven’t read of anyone ever complaining that any personal information was leaked from the site. So there is no worry there.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
Their customer service and support team is probably the best I’ve ever seen! When I first signed up with them, they contacted me and had my account approved within hours. Later that day I had a couple questions about the site and they wrote me back within an hour! Just yesterday I contacted them again with a question and I got a response in 4 minutes and they answered everything I had asked. They’re also on top of their Twitter account. I made a promo post on my Twitter the other day and tagged them in it. Within one minute they had already retweeted it!

Overall I’m really liking SextPanther so far. I like the way the site is setup both on the models end and the customers end. Everything is easy to use and explained well. The site is set up in a way where prices are very upfront to potential customers, making it more trustworthy.

Extralunchmoney Review

Ready for some Extra Lunch Money?

Extralunchmoney, or ELM, is a website where you can sell many different adult services. You can sell premade content, custom content, tangible goods, cam shows, your Snapchat, your phone number, pretty much anything you can think of! Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 51/60, with an average score of 8.5. They excelled in all categories except regional blocking.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I’ve been on Extralunchmoney for a little over 3 years.

Features 9/10:
Extralunchmoney has a lot of great features, which is why it’s one of my favorite sites to work on! Scoping out the Requests page is on my daily “to do” list. Buyers list different custom content they’re looking for, and you can choose to accept the request if it’s something you’re interested in. Besides listing the details of the request, the buyer lists how much they’re willing to pay for it. Sometimes they’ll mention in the description whether or not the credits are negotiable. If they don’t mention anything like that, I will sometimes still say I can do the request. Then if they contact me and are interested in me doing it, I just say that I was hoping the credits could be negotiable and tell them my price along with why it’s worth it for them to pay extra for the quality I can offer.

On ELM, you’re able to list pretty much anything you want for sale: premade videos and pictures, custom content, panties and other tangible goods, Skype shows, Snapchat, etc! The possibilities are endless! You are able to set all of your own prices, up to 200 credits for products and jobs. Once approved, you can choose to have your product automatically tweeted out so your fans on social media know that you just listed a new product. When members of ELM are searching on the site, they will easily be able to find your items by using filters when they’re searching for what they want.

Once you have a product listed, you can put it on sale. You can offer only a certain number of that item for the sale price, or make it unlimited. This comes in handy for teaser videos and pictures. You can list them as 1 credit and then put them on sale for 1 credit off. Aside from that item being listed on the Photos page, it’s now also listed on the Sales page, which customers frequent more often looking for good deals. Something that I do that earns me extra money is listing my Snapchat to be purchased for every specific month. And then come the 15th of the month, I put a 50% off sale on it. I get a lot of extra sign-ups when it’s half off, and many of those customers buy it again for months to come.

When working with a buyer on a custom request, it’s best to use the escrow system that ELM offers. The buyer starts the escrow for the amount you two agreed on, you deliver the product(s) through the escrow message, the buyer reviews it, and then approves the escrow once both parties are satisfied. This protects both you and the buyer from getting ripped off. And if the buyer takes an abnormally long time to approve the escrow, you are able to go in and approve it yourself. This should be used as a last resort only if the buyer comes unresponsive.

Similar to other adult phone sites, Extralunchmoney offers an anonymous, pay-per-text service. You connect your phone number through ELM and they use an anonymous number for both you and your customer so no one’s real phone number is ever given out. You set your own prices per text message received. SMS or picture messages also work with their service.

ELM also promotes your live cam shows if you’re a model on Myfreecams. They plan on promoting more cam sites in the future, but for now only girls on MFC are listed.

Profits & Traffic 9/10:
Extralunchmoney uses a credit system. When you first start off on the site, you keep 60% of everything you earn. So one credit is equivalent to $0.60. Once you start selling more products and get enough positive feedback to achieve Seller Plus status, you start to keep 65%, making one credit equal to $0.65. ELM was actually a cam model resource site before becoming what they are today. Because of this, they come up often in Google searches and get a high amount of traffic.

There are of course some freeloaders and cheapskates on the site, but for the most part the buyers on the site are quality buyers. Not only are they willing to negotiate and pay higher amounts for quality products, but many of them are return customers. Out of all the sites out there to sell custom content on, I make the most amount of sales from ELM, with ManyVids coming in second. If you follow everything that they want to see in the video or pictures, and deliver quality content, those buyers will come to you again and again.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 8/10:
When you first look at Extralunchmoney, it can be a bit overwhelming. The site has a lot of different tabs that will take you awhile to get used to. It can be a bit time consuming at first, but once you take the time to explore the different sections of the site, you’ll get used to where everything is. Make sure you check out every section under the Seller tab. It has a lot of useful information and helps you keep everything you’re offering on the site organized.

Payments & Cashouts 10/10:
Extralunchmoney pays out once a week on Wednesday as long as your minimum payout balance is reached. You are paid for the amount made in the previous week, not the current week. They offer several different payout options: check by mail, ACH/bank tranfer, wire transfer, or Paxum. Once issued, check generally take 5-10 days to get delivered to your mailbox. ACH/bank transfers usually take 2-5 days to post, wire transfers take 1-2 days, and Paxum is immediate. Checks and ACH/bank transfers cost 5 credits per cashout, wire transfers are 20 credits if you’re in the United States or 40 credits for international transfers. Paxum has no extra cost associated with it thought ELM.

Checks, ACH/bank transfers, and Paxum all have a minimum payout of 40 credits. Wire transfers minimum payout is 55 credits in the United States or 105 credits internationally.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 5/10:
This is the one category that Extralunchmoney lacks in. As far as keeping your real name, address, phone number, and that kind of information secure, they excell. But if you’re concerned about regional blocking, ELM might not be for you. They do not offer any form of regional blocking. This means that you aren’t able to block specific countries, states, zip codes, etc. from viewing your profile or content that you’re selling on the site. They do however allow you to block specific users, but that’s not nearly as effective as full regional blocking.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
Extralunchmoney has great customer support. Whenever I’ve needed to contact them about something, they responded back in a timely manner and were very knowledgeable. They always helped me through any situation I was having trouble with.

​Overall Extralunchmoney is a great site for selling your adult services and products on! It is one of my personal favorites, and one of the most profitable sites I use. Their vast amount of features make it a good option for almost any amateur model.

ChatStar Review

My review on Chatstar

ChatStar provides models a secure way for their fans to sext and call them. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 49/60, with an average score of 8.16. They excelled in their overall features, navigation, payouts, and customer service.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I’ve been on ChatStar for about 9 months.

Features 9/10:
ChatStar allows models to communicate with their fans via phone calls, SMS (text messages) and MMS (sending/receiving pics/vids via text messages). Your actual phone number is never revealed to your fans. Instead they use a forwarding system so your real phone number is kept private.

You’re able to decide what services you want to offer and what you want your rate to be for each service. You can set up your own pricing for the initial purchase of your phone number, price per minute for phone calls, the price for a fan to text you per message, the price for when you text a fan back per message, when your fan sends you a MMS, and when you send them a MMS.

ChatStar has done some marketing research and found out that if you set your phone number rate to free (for the initial purchase of your phone number), you’re more likely to get fans in your network, which increases your chances of converting fans into paid fans! They still pay your normal per message or per minute rate, but they don’t have to pay for the initial purchase of your number. If you set your phone number to free, you also get a “Get My # For Free” badge on your profile picture. Fans are more likely to view your profile when they see that badge.

Profits & Traffic 6/10:
If you take the time to advertise on your social media accounts that you use ChatStar, the earning potential can be great! ChatStar’s own social media accounts have been inactive for a while now, so don’t expect a shout-out from them. Whatever traffic you get will either come from you doing the work yourself by blasting it on social media (the main way) or from organic site traffic, which isn’t the best in the sexting/adult phone call market.

To increase your profits, check out some of the prices that other models have set. If you set yours too high, customers are gonna move on to the next girl who has cheaper pricing, but offers the same kinds of things you do.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 10/10:
The site is incredibly easy to use and navigate. They make everything very simple for you to find, and do a good job explaining everything. The few tabs that they have are very self-explanatory and to the point. On just six different pages, you can navigate through everything you need.

Payments & Cashouts 10/10:
You keep 60% on the site and payments are sent out weekly, every Thursday. Pay periods are from Monday to Sunday which are paid out on the following Thursday. They provide you with a transaction list so you can see the fan that’s paying you, what the payout amount is per interaction, and the time of the interaction. They also have an Earnings History page which breaks down your payments by week.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 4/10:
From everything I’ve seen on the site, they do not offer any form of regional blocking. This may be a problem for some models who want to block a certain state or country from being able to find out their profession.

From different comments I’ve seen on various forums, some models are skeptical about the sign-up process due to privacy issues. When you sign-up for ChatStar, you put in a very minimal amount of information. After signing-up, a representative from the site will email you asking for the rest of your information (ID, headshot, social media accounts, etc.). This isn’t the best practice, since it may seem sketchy to some. But I personally haven’t had any problems, and my account was set up without any personal info getting leaked. I’ve also never heard any models who are actually on the site complain.

As far as your actual phone number goes, that is protected by ChatStar. They use anonymous proxy numbers in order to relay communication between you and your fans. One VERY important thing you need to check if you are accepting phone calls is your voicemail message. Make sure your voicemail does NOT mention your phone number! If you miss a call from a ChatStar customer and they’re taken to your voicemail, you don’t want them to hear your actual phone number.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
When you first sign-up, not only do they quickly contact you via email with general information about the site, but they also set you up with some promotional graphics. They’ll usually pull a couple pictures from your Instagram, and jazz them up a bit with the ChatStar logo and the link to your profile page.

ChatStar is a decent site overall as long as you’re willing to work for it. Like I mentioned earlier, the organic traffic that they generate could be better, so the majority of your fans are going to come from you directing them there. The services they offer are great though if you’re looking to get into sexting and/or adult phone calls. They make it quick and easy for you to get started on the site.

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