Mygirlfund Review

Mygirlfund Review

Mygirlfund is a website where female models can sell premade videos and pictures, sell custom content, perform webcam shows, and get paid to chat with fans. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 56/60, with an average score of 9.33. They lost points for their crappy uploaders, traffic dying down on the site recently, and only offering two forms of cashing out.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
I’ve been on Mygirlfund for 4 years.

Features 9/10:
Mygirlfund offers a lot of features to models. You can create a profile page which is fully customizable (but no nudity is allowed), upload pre-recorded videos, record videos directly through the site, upload pictures to both a public or private folder, live chat with guys, do live webcam shows, enter contests that are run by both members and MGF staff, they give you an inbox to chat with guys, there is an escrow system, a public blog, a girls only blog and forum, and an offers page where you can post any deals you’re currently running. Most of these features are great and work well, but there are a few flaws in my opinion. The max file size for videos is 1 GB. This means that videos larger than that either need to be broken down into multiple parts, have the quality lowered to reduce the file size, or uploaded to MediaFire (which is one of the only file sharing programs they let you use – Dropbox is no longer allowed). They also only let you upload one video at a time. And when you go to name your video files so you can keep track of them, they have a character limit of only 15 characters. The same goes for photosets. There is a max file size of 3 MB per photo, photos have to be .jpg, and folders also have a character limit of 15. These aren’t terrible issues or anything, but they can definitely get frustrating after awhile.

Profits & Traffic 8/10:
The traffic on Mygirlfund used to be really good. It was my number one site for awhile, and I was making thousands of dollars a year on it. I still make decent money on the site, but nothing like I used to. It seems that the traffic just isn’t there as much anymore. A lot of guys have moved on to sites like ManyVids where they get better video previews, can purchase tangible goods, and can do cam shows on apps like Skype, and not be confined to the cam software that MGF offers. The main reason that I still stay on the site is because of all the contests they hold. I enter as many as I can… both the ones that members hold and the ones that MGF themselves holds. I’ve made quite a bit of money from them, so I definitely feel it’s worth it. I don’t make a lot in selling premade content anymore on the site, but I still get a decent amount of custom video sales.

When you first start off on the site, you keep 65%. For every $5,000 that you make, your percentages goes up 2.5% until you reach the maximum of 90%.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 10/10:
Mygirlfund is incredibly easy to use and navigate. They actually recently made some changes to the layout, but it’s still just as easy to use as it ever was. There are picture tabs at the top of every page that you can hover over to view the category. And then some tabs have sub-categories inside of them. It only takes visiting the site a few times to get used to where everything is.

Payments & Cashouts 9/10:
They currently are only offering two forms of cashing out: a mailed check or Payoneer. There is a $10 fee for a mailed check and they generally take 7-10 business days to get to you. There is a $5 fee for Payoneer. You choose when to cash out, and can do so at any time. The payment will say it’s from MGF, LLC, so it’s pretty discreet.

The My Fund page breaks everything down nicely so you can easily see your current fund amount, recent transactions, how much you’ve made overall on the site, how much you’ve made each quarter of each year you’ve been on the site, escrow orders, and how much you’ve earned through messages, contributions, contests, and webcam shows.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 10/10:
Mygirlfund is very strict about protecting the privacy of both the models and the fans on the site. Their number one rule is that you cannot share any personal information with another member of the site, or collect any personal information from anyone. This means no sharing your real name, address, phone number, usernames you use on other sites, links to other sites you’re on, social media accounts, or anything that encourages members to find you offsite. If you’re caught breaking this rule, you’ll get your account immediately banned in most cases and your pay withheld. If you upload pictures anywhere on the site, you can only use to host them. They have this rule in place because TinyPic is an anonymous file hosting site. If you don’t want to upload all of your content to Mygirlfund, you can use an anonymous file sharing program to send out your content. Dropbox is no longer allowed, but MediaFire is fine.

MGF offers regional blocking on the site. You can block individual US states and territories, Canadian provinces, and entire countries. If you block a certain area, anyone with an IP address from that region will not be able to see your profile. You can also set your profile to private if you want. This will make it so only members of the site who are logged in can view your profile. And it also prevents models who are logged in under their model account from being able to access your profile.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
The customer service and support team at Mygirlfund is great. I only had an issue with them once when my messages were going into their spam folder, so they took longer than usual to reply. But in that case, I was able to contact them through a DM on Twitter and they found my messages and replied the next day. They’re generally very quick to respond to any questions or issues you’re having. They’re always very knowledgeable and answer everything that you ask.


Overall Mygirlfund is a good site for selling content, customs, doing live cam shows, and earning some extra revenue from entering contests. I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time setting up your profile and uploading every piece of content you have to the site, but uploading your most popular videos and offering customs is definitely worth the time. Also checking out the Contests page every couple days can pay off too.

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