External Camming Software And Webcam Splitters

Webcam Splitting

Although every cam site has their own software that you can use to broadcast yourself, some models choose to use external software.​ There are several different reasons for this. External software offers models more unique features that most cam sites built-in software doesn’t offer, you’re able to watermark your webcam stream using external software, and you can broadcast on multiple camming networks at the same time if you’re using a webcam splitter! Now let’s get into a couple different apps you can use and go into more details about each of the above points.

The two most popular external webcam apps are ManyCam and Verysoft. I’ve only used ManyCam, and it works great! But I have heard that it can sometimes run slow on Mac OS. Although I’ve never used Verysoft before, I’ve only heard good things about it. Both are free, but you can upgrade for more features if you choose too, but it’s not really necessary. The free versions have plenty of cool features.

Some of the special features that you get with these external webcam apps are picture in picture, adding a background image, adding funny effects and custom graphics, draw your own designs, add a clock or timer, rotate or flip your cam stream, easily zoom in and out, and play around with the color settings (grayscale, brightness, etc.). Probably the coolest feature in my opinion is the picture in picture. This allows you to do a couple different things. You can have two webcams set up and show both of them at the same time. Some models will have one on their face, while the other focuses on their private parts. You can also use the picture in picture feature to stream both your live cam and a promo or sample video at the same time. This is a good idea for if your room gets a little boring or if you’re talking about a new video you have for sale. You can show little snippets of it to entice your fans.

With both ManyCam and Verysoft, you can also watermark your cam stream and/or add custom text. You can even make the text scroll across the screen if you want. The watermark feature is great for preventing your content from getting leaked on the internet. And the custom text can come in handy for posting video deals, raffle deals, your current goal, or the current high tipper.

ManyCam and Verysoft also give you ability to broadcast your webcam feed on multiple sites at once. I believe the free versions only allow you to use it on two sites at once, but you can do more sites at once if you upgrade. More than likely though, you won’t want to do any more than two sites at once anyways. This is called a webcam splitter. It allows you to cam on two camming networks at the same time. If you go into a private show with someone on one site, you simply disconnect from the other site until you’re back in public/free chat. I wouldn’t recommend doing this when you’re new to camming. It can get kind of confusing and very overwhelming.

In order to use these external camming programs, have them open before you log into your camming account. Once logged in, all you have to do is change the source of your cam to whatever program you’re using.

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