In this update, I cover the differences between the infamous and Both are exceptional cam sites that you need to know about if you’re a model. However, today I prefer streaming on above all. It’s because of the earnings mostly. Anyway, that’s not what this article is about. Let’s stick to the script and cover the pros and cons of MFC and Chaturbate. 

MyFreeCams vs Chaturbate

MyFreeCams vs Chaturbate Comparison – Which Is Better?

Camgirls everywhere have favored Myfreecams as a lucrative platform for earning money in a social, laid-back cam site environment that doesn’t necessarily involve explicit content. Myfreecams historically boasted fewer restrictions on broadcasted content compared to other similar sites.

However, recent months have witnessed a notable decline in MFC’s traffic, as per the website, Alexa rankings, and overall perception. Unexplained site outages have further contributed to this downturn, prompting many camgirls to explore alternatives.

Chaturbate is emerging as a formidable competitor for the title of the world the best cam site on the internet. Despite having been loyal to Myfreecams for years, numerous camgirls are making the switch to Chaturbate. Diversifying income streams is always a wise move, and exploring different cam sites to find the one that aligns best with individual preferences is a prudent step for everyone.

For those contemplating a shift, a detailed comparison between Myfreecams and Chaturbate, including data and a review of the pros and cons of each, is provided. This information aims to assist individuals in determining which platform suits them better.

Highest Token Prices Comparison

Acquiring tokens is essential for engagement on cam sites. Even if you don’t plan to spend many or any tokens, it’s advisable to avoid being a “grey” without any tokens, as models may restrict your interaction in their chat rooms or simply ignore you. Hence, securing tokens at a favorable price becomes crucial. Most cam sites offer different token prices based on the quantity purchased and the payment method used.

Unfortunately, other sites are situations where you may end up paying the least favorable rate. This could be due to having only one payment option or the need to buy a small quantity of tokens, both of which result in an unfavorable exchange rate between dollars and tokens. But which site offers the worst rate?

  • Chaturbate: $0.12 per token
  • Myfreecams: $0.10 per token

In this comparison, Chaturbate emerges with the less favorable rate. For instance, if you opt for a less efficient payment method like PayPal, Chaturbate charges 12 cents per token for a small token package.

In contrast, Myfreecams caps the cost at 10 cents per token. While it may seem like a mere 2-cent difference, this can accumulate over time, especially considering that tokens are typically purchased in larger quantities rather than one at a time.

Go Live without Age Verification

Interested in joining the live cam scene and sharing your webcam feed with cam girls and potentially others? Both platforms permit anyone to create and broadcast their live video feed, but there are certain restrictions in place to discourage casual broadcasting.

Chaturbate requires age verification before initiating a post or public broadcast, making it a seemingly restrictive process. If you choose to verify your age, the procedure is treated with the same level of seriousness as online banking or trading accounts. You’ll need to upload a copy of your government-issued ID and provide a live photograph of yourself, ensuring a match with your official document.

MyFreeCams follows a similar concept but adopts a more flexible business approach. To stream your own cam video, you need to be a “premium member,” and obtaining a premium membership is a straightforward process. There are two main paths to membership: make any purchase using a credit card or have someone sign up through your introduction link and become a premium member using a credit card.

While this might not be definitive proof of age or ID, MyFreeCams considers it satisfactory. This feature makes it notably easier to start broadcasting on MyFreeCams than Chaturbate, presenting a convenience advantage for MFC.

Confidential Token Purchase with Cryptocurrency

Seeking discretion and security in your financial transactions and wish to avoid explicit details on your credit card statement? Utilizing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offers a solution. By acquiring Bitcoin through a seemingly innocuous exchange with your card and subsequently using it to purchase cam site tokens, you can maintain privacy in your billing and bank account records.

This method is particularly effective on Chaturbate, where you can obtain tokens at an attractive rate of only 8 cents per token. The free gateway facilitates this process, accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies, including major ones like Bitcoin. It’s worth noting that while this gateway supports Lightning Network payments, Chaturbate, unfortunately, does not accept them through this channel.

Review of Myfreecams


  • Emphasis on a less explicitly sexual atmosphere, although explicit content, such as cum shows, is prevalent. Many rooms cultivate a social and low-key ambiance.
  • Exclusive to female performers, fostering a hangout and social environment by prohibiting men both on and off camera.
  • Historically commendable and reliable customer service, though recent reports indicate a decline in this aspect.
  • The payout percentage averages around 61.4% of the total gross expenditure, with 1 token equivalent to $0.05 for the new model.
  • Boasts the highest earning potential among all cam sites, with substantial tips from male users. Top-performing girls can earn in the range of $XX,XXX per month.
  • Relatively few rules and restrictions, with the noteworthy exception being the prohibition of public camming.


  • Outdated user interface and a lack of meaningful site updates, despite requests from performers for improvements.
  • Inadequate communication from the company regarding site downtime, glitches, etc., leaving performers uninformed.
  • Popular rooms are sorted by camscore, potentially disadvantaging new models in establishing a strong initial ranking.
  • The recent decline in site traffic with no apparent efforts to address the issue through increased marketing investments.
  • Absence of an Affiliate or Referral Program, apart from the limited Bring-a-Friend initiative for members.

Chaturbate Review


  • Increasing Traffic and Immense Popularity: A growing member base means more potential tips in your room. Refer to the traffic statistics provided.
  • Inclusive Streaming: Allows couples, in addition to guys and trans, to broaden their potential earnings.
  • Strong Social Media Presence and Customer Service: Offers good support and maintains an active presence on social platforms.
  • Competitive Payout Percentage: Earn 50% or more, depending on the token package purchased by members. Similar to MFC, you receive $0.05 per 1 tipped token.
  • Regular and Useful Site Updates: Introduces helpful and entertaining features like room bots and apps for an enhanced broadcasting experience.
  • Ranking Based on Viewership: Rooms are ranked by the number of viewers, providing opportunities for newcomers to reach the top with engaging shows.
  • Affiliate Program: A robust affiliate program that benefits both models and non-members, offering a potential passive income stream.
  • Refer to Chaturbate’s traffic statistics for more insights.


  • More Sexual Atmosphere: Success on the site may require more explicit shows, creating a more sexually charged environment.
  • Lower Average Earnings: Members might be less inclined to give substantial single tips than MFC.
  • Frequent Bans: The site is known for more frequent bans, often for rule-breaking or seemingly arbitrary reasons. Inconsistent policies regarding what is allowed on camera.


The only way I can wrap this up is by saying that you’ve got some decisions to make here. If you’re dead set on using one of these two sites, then you’ve got a couple of good options at least. Should you want to go with what I like today, then you need to use That’s how I prefer to stream live today. Simple as that.

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