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Who’s Online Review

Who’s Online is an independently owned site where models can sell premade videos, customs, tangible goods, Skype shows, and more. Below I rate them in several different categories, giving them a score in each category out of 10. Out of 60 possible points, I gave them 45/60, with an average score of 7.5. They excelled in customer service and support, but scored about average in all other categories.

How Much Experience Do You Have With The Site?
Who’s Online is a new site, and I’ve been with them since the beginning. I believe they officially launched in December of 2015.

Features 7/10:
Who’s Online has a decent amount of feature right now, and they’re working on rolling out more in the near future. They make it easy for you to set up a profile that lists some info about you and everything that you’re selling. You can upload up to six pictures to feature on your profile. You can upload premade videos and sell them on the site for whatever price you want. You can also list pretty much any service you want for sale: Snapchat, phone number, Kik, used panties, used toys, other tangible goods, etc. They also let you add links to your wishlists, social media accounts, and camming profiles.

They also have a monthly contest that models can participate in. Fans can vote for a model for free once every 24 hours. If they want to earn her additional votes, they can purchase products from her store. They don’t offer a cash prize, but instead a random product that you can use in your shows or everyday life.

A features that they’re currently lacking is the ability to do live cam shows directly on the site.

Profits & Traffic 7/10:
Since the site is so new and still in development, profits and traffic have been minimal. But I will get an occasional sale on the site, especially when I make it a point to advertise on social media. Who’s Online has a pretty large following on Twitter, and they’ll occasionally shout out your profile and RT anything you tag them in. This definitely helps with getting more potential customers to check out your profile and possibly make a purchase.

Ease Of Using & Navigating The Site 8/10:
The site is incredibly easy to use and navigate on both the models and the customers end. But with that said, I do think that some of the different sections need a bit more explanation and functionality to them. While some sections really go into detail about how to set up and use properly, some are just a bit difficult. For example, if you’re using the file delivery section to send a custom to a customer who purchased one, you need to enter in their customer ID from a confirmation email that was sent to you. Little things like this take extra time and could be made much easier. But again, the site is still new. They are constantly making improvements based off of model feedback.

Payments & Cashouts 8/10:
Models keep 70% on the site. You can cashout via mailed check, PayPal (which is a big mistake on their end and I don’t recommend using), Google Pay, Venmo, or Amazon gift card. The site also doesn’t say what the minimum payout is, but they pay out on the 1st and 16th of the month. These were more questions I had to ask. I was told that they send payments out bi-weekly and the minimum is $50. Although they can greatly improve this very important part of the site, I’m still giving them an 8 in this category because I haven’t had an issue receiving a payment from them.

Privacy Protection & Geo-Blocking 5/10:
Unfortunately Who’s Online does not currently offer any form of regional blocking. This means that anyone accessing the site will be able to see your profile. If you want to block a specific city, state, region, or country from viewing your profile, you will not be able to do this on Who’s Online. I would hope that this is a feature they add in the near future because a lot of models feel more comfortable having the state or country that they live in blocked so people they know have a harder time finding out what they do.

Privacy seems to be good on the site though. Any personal information that you enter (name, address, etc.) is kept safe and secure. They will never reveal any of your personal information to customers or third parties.

Customer Service & Support 10/10:
The customer service and support team at Who’s Online is top notch! They have no problem taking the time to fully answer any questions you might have. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They respond quickly.


Who’s Online is a new site and still has some improvements to make. But the staff seems very enthusiastic and dedicated to adding new features and improving current ones as quickly as possible. They’re definitely a site to keep your eye on.

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