The fine line between spamming and promotion

The Fine Line Between Spamming and Promotion

There comes a time in every cam models life where you have to learn the art of the balance of promotion. It sounds simple, but there are so many intricacies that you don’t realize exist until you’re in the midst of it. For today, let’s talk about one of those intricacies. The difference between promoting yourself and your links, and spamming your audience.

Nobody likes spam. How many times have you opened up your email account only to see that it’s filled with hundreds of spam emails that you have no interest in reading? It’s annoying, it’s obnoxious, and I have been victim to closing my email accounts because the spam gets SO out of control. Or how about going to a website, only to be bombarded by the millions of pop up/under ads until you want to rip your hair out and scream because.. All you f*$%ing wanted was to read a damn article. *deep breaths* The Point is that it’s a pain in the ass, and if you aren’t careful with the balance this could be what is coming across to your fanbase on your social media accounts. Notably on Twitter and Snapchat.

I can’t tell you how many times I have logged onto Twitter and gone to a cam-girls account to only see her posting links of where they can go purchase her content and see her online. Then I see the same models complaining about how they never make any sales from their twitter account, and that it’s filled with a bunch of freeloaders. Sure, of course you want to be able to generate sales through Twitter and that’s what you should be doing, but what you need to understand is that promoting yourself on Twitter/snapchat/Insta (insert every other social medium you may use here) is not the same thing as converting a sale in your cam room. The simple fact of the matter is that social media platforms ARE NOT a cam room, therefore you cannot treat it as such. You can’t just throw out a link every hour on the hour and expect people to click on it and buy. They aren’t in the mindset already to spend money like someone on a cam site is. You have to convert them through the balancing act of promotion and personality of your brand.

Now, I’m not saying don’t ever post your links. I post all of my links daily, multiple times. The key is that it isn’t ALL that I do. I’m not constantly posting it in every tweet. I’m not posting snaps on my storyline every 10 minutes telling them to go and buy my premium. I make sure to balance it out with enough of a “personality” to my brand as possible, so they don’t feel like I’m shoving it down their throats. The difference between going onto someone’s Twitter feed and seeing every post as a link, versus going on their feed and seeing a few links interspersed with

them chatting with their fans, posting funny quotes/memes, posting pics without attaching a link to it every once in a while. You get the idea.

The balance needs to be about 60/40. 60% of the time you push your product, 40% of the time you work on the image of your brand and cultivating a brand personality that will inspire loyalty and make them want to click on the links when you DO post them. Trust and believe that if all you do is spam your followers, they are not going to want to buy what you’re selling. Why would they? It would be the same thing as a twitter account that is run by a bot. Especially in our industry, we have to convince people to pay for our services. Their mindset is why would they pay for it if they can get it for free, and why on earth would they pay attention to anything you post if it’s the same monotonous thing every single time?

Now that I’ve been on my pedestal preaching about the woes of over promoting, you also have to be sure that you aren’t UNDER promoting. At the end of the day, you are a product and you are there to make sales. Just like it’s easy to forget to inject that little bit of personality and only tweet out your links, it’s also easy to forget to post links because you’re so into the other side of it. Especially with the majority of us having multiple links to send people to, it’s important not to forget that once you have the fanbase reeled in through the personality posts, that you balance that out by reminding them that your time isn’t necessarily free and if they want more of your awesome personality, they can go insert link here and get the even better version. Wax on, wax off young grasshopper. Get them interested in you, and then hit them with a link of where they can get more of you. It’s all just one big balancing act. 🙂

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